Now REAL ESTATE AGENTS are required to do code inspections

Daily Real Estate News **| **May 31, 2007
Town Holds Agents Liable for Rental Code Violations
The town of Islip on Long Island, N.Y., has passed a law that local real estate practitioners say holds them liable for any code violations in the properties they list, lease, rent or sell.

Town councilman Steven Flotteron says the change merely holds practitioners liable for illegal rentals; He says it requires practitioners to call the town about their rental listings to make sure property owners have a rental permit.

But the new law also says real estate practitioners who sell any “dwelling unit” must make sure it is in “full compliance with the Code of the Town of Islip.”

Long Island Board of REALTORS® president Linda Bonarelli said the language of the revised law requires practitioners to act as building inspectors and enforce town code on both rental and sale properties.

“It places an unfair burden on [practitioners],” she said. “It’s making us the code police.”

A first offense can cost up to $2,000 and 15 days in jail, according to the law, which was approved by the town council last week. Three or more offenses in five years specifies a $5,000 fine.

Source: Newsday, Denise M. Bonilla (05/31/2007)

INSANE to say the least… LOL.

Is it that they are requiring them to make sure the proper codes have been inspected by a code inspector?

Our governments are out of control! That is ridiculous at least, and dumb at best.

Perhaps every realestator in Islip should apply to be a paid code enforcement official…:roll: :twisted:

It’s going to get worse, and it’s never going to get better.

The problem is, everyone saw 1984 go by, and heaved a sigh of relief because they didn’t see any visible signs that it had come to pass.

But the fact is, it did and sooner than 1984 and it’s running like a freight train into the abyss and there isn’t a conductor to pull the brake, even if there was one.

That a metaphor for those who think I’m bipolar and need meds.

Now Wendy don’t be so negative. I hear that Hillary gal has a bunch of good ideas to fix everthing wrong with this country. Ar least that’s what she says.

LOL! :wink:

Sorry…I’ve been a Doomsday Prophetess since I was about six years old, probably won’t stop now. :wink:

Oh, and if I’d have thought it was going to get any better, I probably wouldn’t have shaved my head the other day.

The way I read this is…

In a nutshell…they must prove (through having an inspection performed) that they are not renting/leasing/selling a “deathtrap”. First step in eliminating “slumlords” !!!

Finally…protection (of sorts) for people (who choose), and those that (cannot afford other), to live in rentals. And the loophole (of rent to own, lease to own, etc…) is closed !!!

Finally…someone with enough b**ls to do the right thing !!!


This should increase inspections in that area :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

“Oh, and if I’d have thought it was going to get any better, I probably wouldn’t have shaved my head the other day.”

Oh man, I hate bald women…Sorry Wendy, just the thought of that makes me cringe…

I’m sure you’re still beautiful though

Thanks sweetheart! :slight_smile:

I wish I’d have had a choice. shrug It was falling out in handfuls anyway due to the treatments. It’s okay. I’ll post some pics when I get the courage. Of course maybe it was punishment for saying I would post the pics the other day.:shock: