Now that the party is over, vendors want to do it again. When can we have another?

Vendors want me to do another party like the recent online Christmas party. Apparently it generated a lot of traffic for them and the vendors who missed out on our Christmas party want in on the next one.

I don’t have the staff to pull it off by this New Years but maybe we hold it when we hit our 1 millionth post?

Valentine’s Day? I feel the love…

Are you looking for permission? As Russ states, if someone is doing a great job, then let them continue. Please continue. :slight_smile: Thank you.

We enjoy it. I will donate a set of personalized 2012 Florida inspector insurance forms for you to give away in Florida as you see fit.

That would be the worst day to have an online party. If you thought you were in the doghouse before…:mrgreen:

Do it just please give us plenty of time so we can schedule accordingly.

I also love the fact that if you won you won none of that crap about having won a pencil earlier :slight_smile:

I personally would love to try for a big extend and climb telescoping ladder :slight_smile:

How 'bout a Super Bowl party??? (I’ll Tebow the night before)

Let’s have Wayne party i have a birthday coming in Feb
We call it Wayne’s World lol

I got an idea to help get to the 1 Millionth post! :roll: SPAM forum section! :twisted:

How about something for memorial day, or labor day

How about new years eve party

What party did someone have a party???:shock::shock:

I know the feeling :smiley:

you had to work too didn’t you .:frowning:

Don’t care when…I’ll take the day off for it this time!

whenever you are ready, just say the word.

Let’s do it for New Years !!! No better way than to bring in the New Year than some gifts and good times with friends ??


Jan 10th-
My birthday!

I tried to participate but work and sleep got in the way. I will be more prepared next time