Now there at 150.00 in are neck of the woods

Was doing a roof inspection on a home today and was talking to the buyers, said they were having a HI on Friday so after a few comments I ask by the way how much if you dont mind me asking…$150! I was like what the FK…:shock: what ever in my head I was like good luck sorry about your luck…I know times can be slow right now but whats next 99.99 Ill inspect any thing…oh well hopefully this clown wont be around too long…

there is a veteran inspector in my area that charges $150.00 for a home inspection. and in Steve’s area there is an inspector for $75.00. Low priced inspectors are pretty common around here.

Yep…happens to me all the time Brian.

That is nuts !!! :shock: Jeezzz I’m glad it hasn’t gotten like that around here.


you were doing the roof insp how much less would you charge to be relieved of 33% of the liability and exclude the roof? 150 plus your fee is that close to a normal price? sqft? post your fee for roof, and complete insp what do you add for free? basic sop insp no roof how much would u charge?

Not sure I read your post right, this woman was doing a full HI for $150.00. I only was doign the roof insp at $60.00. If a buyer told me they had the roof inspected and you do not have to do the roof, I still do it any way its part of what Iam being paid to do.

I inspect the WHOLE house nothing less, unless they give me something in writing say not to inspect:_______ ect.

read harsher than i was thinking sorry

Look on Craigslist they are at 99 bucks now.

Are the 99 dollar guys any good? I can sub them out.

Some days of having sellers follow my buyers around the house… whilst I unsuccessfully shoo them away, we can hear the distant cackling of the agent talking about their personal problems in the sun room.

An hour later "Everything OK Tim…? Not that it matters much anyway… the buyers are inspecting on their 18th day… so it doesn’t matter what you say this time… and smirks at me. All the while reminding me that she’s in charge of meetings @ the office and such… soooo unethical.

So… I’m thinking, I can train the 99 guys and send them out. Oh wait, that’ll be a whole NEW set of problems.

Sounded good for a minute.?

Not to be a “ball-buster” Brian, but did you read the title of this thread?

Now they’re at 150.00 in our neck of the woods. Sorry, just one of my pet-peeves.

Proficiency in the written-word (especially in a public forum) is a necessary qualification for the home inspection profession.

At $150, Spell Check is an Additional Charge…
lol… :slight_smile: