Now this is pretty funny...

Go here.

It’s a listing on Craigslist by a realtor. This guy must be a comedian. :o

Brian, he must just want you to inspect the doorbells. ha. ha.

Marcel :stuck_out_tongue:

ha :smiley: I’m trying to think of something clever and send him a nice message.

The doorbell comment might do it. :slight_smile:

You should reply and ask him which room it is he wants inspected. :wink:

I would have to think you’d have near 100 bucks in real costs just to show up at the house.

sad part is, someone has probably already contacted him and booked the inspection

I might do a drive-by inspection for that…and I’d have to be aleady driving by for some other reason and no written report required!!!

100 measly bucks to inspect a house. I don’t even do a sole Termite inspection for under $125.00.

Tell him that the 100 dollars will get him a shed inspection.

The gall of some people asking for a FREEBIE. Incredible…

I could fly there.
$49 each way with a little left for a snickers bar.

It seems we have some “walk by inspectors” who would answer this ad.

Don’t be so hard on the realtor.

I am sure he has discounted his commission dramatically, and hasn’t much left to pay for this!!!

They’re everywhere…

Dear David Barton, the house looks good from here.

Please send the $100.00 ASAP. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just finished inspecting it from here, looks good.

Where do I send the invoice?

Sorry guys

I beat you to it!!!

33,000 feet, United A/L

Pictures included with report.

Hope his check is good!!!

This just makes me FRICKIN SICK :twisted:

Unfortunately, for them, their going to get what they pay for. :frowning:
I was through Decatur about 10 years ago, think I could hit them up for a prelisting inspection.

I have no problem with people advertising on Craig’s list but come on, they are making the whole industry look bad because of the low ball pricing, in fact the guy that used to work with me is now advertising inspections for $200 with free reinspects, I guess he learned nothing!!!. :mad:

Hey Steven!

       Just to let you know; I sent emails to two out of three of these guys you posted, and made it very clear how upset we as an industry are with the likes of him. I expressed my own personal disappointment and disgust, as well. We as an association, should all take the time to personally contact every one of these guys, as we become aware of them. If they get enough of a backlash from their associates, they may decide to play ball. It's worth a try. I,m really sick of these clowns!

Was considering moving to colorado (Springs area), but at those prices, may tough it out up here for a while, can’t put food on the table with those prices!!!

??Did I see “realtor incentive” in one of those “ads”???

How long before they are out of business???

Up here, one of the national franchis owner/operator puts a ton of ads on Craigs list.

To put in prospective, the only people who look on Craigs list are looking for a bargain. So how much influence their post will have on the general business might not be much.

Even see R/E agents advertise on C/L. How pathetic!!!