Now this is the way to use InterNACHI's certificates for marketing purposes!

Looks like he has every certificate from every course in


WAY TO GO!:nachi::nachi:

WHAT A TERRIFIC IDEA!:slight_smile:

Like they say… “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a great idea, thanks Nick for the post!

I have 1540 Reads on this page!

Great Idea Nick!
…but I beat you to it! :slight_smile:

It does need some updating though. Thanks for the reminder. and

David, your site is really good. But I really like the actual certs in because consumer don’t read qualifications as much as they “weigh” them visually.

Visually, a consumer gets the point the inspector is trying to make in a second or less by having a thumbnail of every freakin’ certificate. I’d even argue that he should change this page of thumbnail certificates to his home page!

Nice job…great idea!!


I had all of mine on my site before I closed it plus I included one copy of each with every inspection agreement in a folder labeled, (Customer Reassurance Package) at the beginning of the inspection.

Yes Nick, I agree the certs look better. I was just learning to build a web site at the time and was happy to be able to get the NACHI seals attached!

I also have your signature here:

David add -tb I do believe to your NACHI certification graphic. This will make it appear without distortion.

There you go. Just added some of mine to the main page of my site. Let me know if it loads to slow please.

Looks good, I like it. You should have done this a few days ago… you may have made it a closer race for website-of-month. (along with some spelling and grammer corrections). ;):smiley: