Now what? :)

My name is David Whisenhunt and I just passed my course for becoming a home inspector in Oklahoma.
I know my next step is to send my application in to the state and get set up for the testing.
My question is, what else can I be doing in the meantime? Should I start setting up a website, get business cards and brochures, tools etc now or wait until I pass the state exam.
And if I need to wait should I continue taking courses and getting certified for ancillary services.
This was a great course and I would like to be able to be a full service inspection company

Thank you for your help

Unless you have experience already I suggest you go work for an established inspector to learn for a bit. Good Luck.

Thanks for the reply Michael,
I have been a general contractor for residential and commercial construction for 35 years including the business side, the project management side and even hands on. I have plenty of experience.
What I am asking is would it be beneficial to create my marketing side at this point or wait until I have the state license in hand?

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If your Ready to pull the trigger just set it up as if you had your license. Just remember though you only get one chance to make a first impression, if you advertise and are not able to produce???

Thank you for the responses and yes I will get my profile set up, thank you.
Charley: An OK Inspector…awesome.
Your answer is exactly what I needed. Your right, I can only advertise the areas that I am certified for which right now is the basic home inspection, which is ok with me as I am semi-retired. Do you happen to have a preference on reporting software or do you use it?

Yes my software is HIP (Home Inspector Pro) It was easy for me not being high in computer technology to start using

Thank you
Thats the one I was looking at also

Definitely get started with your website and marketing materials, but don’t “go live” or get anything printed until you have license in hand. Most states that require licensing require that the license number appears on your advertising.

Whatever marketing materials you plan to have printed, don’t print in such large quantities that you will feel compelled to use them all or hand-correct them when you see you need to change something.

For instance, I had a rack card printed up that listed “Free CO test” on the front and “InterNACHI Buy-Back Guarantee” on the back. I came to realize that I needed a license to test for CO, and I wasn’t ready to shell out the $5/per for the Buy-Back, so I altered the front by blacking over the “Free CO Test” text and made a sticker with different info to go over the buy-back guarantee info. Did not look very professional. They have been discarded and replaced now.

Maybe in a year of so you’ll have your message dialed in well enough to order in large lots.

Unless you have a background in design, seek pro help for your logo and other print material. Amateur design looks like, well, amateur design.