NRPP Device Performance Test and an Additional Fee

So I went to register my new CRM device and NRPP says that I have to send it to an authorized chamber for a Device Performance Test AND pass another test myself for another $150 fee.

Can some of you experienced radon guys explain what to expect with this new “test” and why its an additional fee to the NRPP Exam and certification cost?

Just a guess here, but what device are you referring to? I assume it is not already on their ‘Approved’ list. Many inspectors like to take the cheap way out, only to find their ‘tool of choice’ is inadequate for the job.

Its on their approved list. I was just wondering about the Pass/Fail test part of it. They expose the device in a chamber and get a reading, but dont tell you. They send you the data for your analysis. Has anyone here done that?

I did that through Bowser Morner. Whoever makes the device you are using may have a class that you could take in subsequent years in lieu of the performance test.