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Good afternoon all,
I have just started a new home inspection company and wanted some advice. I will be providing Radon testing and I have taken courses through PHII and Internachi for Radon testing and passed exams etc. There is no regulation in Tennessee for a Radon test provider so I’m wondering if it is still beneficial for me to become certified with NRPP or if its just another membership to keep up with?
Any input is welcome.

Thanks in advance!

If there are no requirements in Tennessee than it would be purely for marketing purposes. Hopefully others in Tennessee will chime in to see if being certified through NRPP is expected. In Colorado there is no requirement but the state strongly recommends that radon professionals be certified by either NRPP or NRSB. That being said I have never been asked if I was certified or by whom I was certified. I am certified through Internachi only, and I keep my equipment calibrated. If it becomes required or it is expected than I would go get certified through those organizations. But IMO it is a another hoop to maintain if it is not required or expected.

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Thanks Larry!

Tony, I appreciate the feedback. Im thinking the same way. I’ll actually be leasing equipment so calibration etc should always be good to go. As long as I’m nachi and ICA2 certified, I feel like that should cover me as far as marketing and knowledge base goes.

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