Nuetral coriosion

Has anyone seen the corrosion on a nuetral like this before, and why only after the splice(loose splice?)? yes this house was an electrical nightmare. I lean towards a loose connection as I have anywhere from 135 to 104 volts and 12 to 18% vd in the house.


It’s difficult to see much in the photo. I would guess that it’s due to the fact that the neutral conductor is the only bare conductor.

Unless the corrosion at that point is rather substantial, your VD was more likely caused by connections within the panel or in the circuits themselves.

Do you have any closer pictures of that conductor?

I agree with jeff I think the problem is elswhere. The Neutral only carries the unballanced load.
Also you should have a ground at the service and the supply is grounded at the supply so if you did have an unballanced load the service ground should pick this up.
I think the problem could be in the panel or meter or many other places .
Requires immediate service by qualified personal.

Roy Cooke sr .

The part that looks corroded is copper, while the POCO side is aluminum. Bare copper left exposed to the elements will form those greenish deposits you are seeing.

Sorry…I can’t comment as my EYES will not allow me to see that picture in the size it is currently shown. :frowning: