nuisance cat at inspection

Ever have a cat bother you during the inspection?
If its one of those new cats it easy to get them to stop.
Just go to the panel and flip the right breaker…


That is hilarious, doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, but it made me laugh.

LOL good one, and yes i have damn cat follow me they know i hate them. I check the panel now from now on

I’m going into my basement to see if one says “WIFE”

While I was inspecting the attic it came up the attic ladder and I didn’t know it until I heard something crawling on the duct work. The attic was completely dark except for the scuttle light and my flashlight (slight pucker factor). I finally retrieved the critter and was heading for the scuttle. It was ok until I got to the scuttle and needed both hands. So I threw the cat toward the scuttle and quickly made my way to the ladder and caught it just before it returned to the far reaches of the attic. Can’t imagine having to chase a cat all over the attic. I was fortunate.

Ahhhh, the dreaded Bar Kitten. I’ve seen that many a time!

I would have said What cat? i didn’t see no stinking cat

I’ve heard of Bar Flys & Bar Maids, but a Bar Kitten?

I tell people in no uncertain terms that I don’t wrangle pets. I’m there to inspect the house not keep the cat indoors or in a room, etc.

If it is left for me to deal with I “encourage” it to go to the nearest room with a door and I shut it in. Then I do that room last.


I do the same thing when I encounter a bar kitten. :smiley:

Had a good comment but looks like this is on public…:slight_smile:

Suffice it to say… “Home owners, don’t leave the cat alone with Bob!” :wink:

Are you implying Bog’s a dog? :stuck_out_tongue:

That totally depends on who the heck “Bog” is. :mrgreen:

That’s code, since this a public thread. :margarit:

I had one a couple weeks ago attack me like a dog wrapped his no claw paws around my leg while growling and tried to bite me. I ended up using him as a football :D:D