Number 101 a month ahead of plan!! Thank-you!

I just wanted to thank NACHI and the members that have helped me during my 1st 11 months of business. My business plan was to complete 100 inspections by my 12th month. Number 101 was today and I have 3 already booked for next week. Things are really starting to go well and my clients are very happy with their inspections. I don’t think I would have been able to do it without this great organization!

:smiley: THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU!!!:smiley:

Congrats. Gregory=D>

Cheers !!!


Congratulations Greg!!!


Good Job. Keep at it. All it takes is blood, sweat, tears and a geat deal of effort.

Never doubted you for a moment.

Good to hear such a great report. Well done!!!

Congratulations on number 102 in advance:D

Congratulations Gregory!

Way to go . . . 200 is just around the corner and summer’s comin’!

very nice

Thanks for your vote of confidence Will! It is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Good job Greg! Congrats.

Well, even better news, Number 102 included a tip from my client. This is getting scarey! :cool:

Thank you again for the support and kind words!!!