Number of consumers per InterNACHI member per state/province.

On average there are 17,450 consumers per InterNACHI member in North America.

Interesting info thanks Nick

Ontario has

State/Province Population in millions Number of full members Consumers per member Regulated?
…ONT…13.4 … …487…27,515 …No

Possibly the most useless chart you’ve created yet! Two words… “Alaska” and “Hawaii”.

I suspected as much, but now I know. Colorado is at the absolute bottom of the list with about 25% of the average “potential customers per inspector” in the country. With Inspection Mills like Axium whose employees pump out 3 - 4 inspections a day, I’m no longer wondering why it takes so much effort to win over each and every lead I get. Just last week I priced a 2,000 sq foot ranch for $345 and added a radon test for $120 ($465 total) and the lady laughed and said the last bid she got said they’d do an an inspection, radon , AND sewer scope for $350 and I’m thinking “no way could someone afford to do a decent inspection for that”. After the usual “you get what you pay for” and “they know what they’re worth” lines of persuasion, she wouldn’t bite so I told her Good Luck with that.
So InterNACHI’s success in training inspectors is busting my bottom line. Great. Now I’m depressed.

Why be depressed ,They obviously are charging what they feel they are worth .
I would just have sent this information to the purchaser and let them wonder did they make a mistake not hiring you .

anyone that has been associated to network marketing will know of the power of 10

If you take the number above of 17450 consumers per inspector nationwide.

on average 10% could use an inspection. 1745
Marketing gets 10% to listen to you. 174.5
Close rate of 10% 17.45 inspections complete.

Obviously some of us do better than this and some of us go out of business.

What can you offer your clients to increase your percentage of the market?

Wow, slim pickens in Florida.

Yes, but in Florida they don’t have winters, they don’t deal with snow, they mostly don’t have basements or fossil fuels to deal with, a lot of 1-story homes, real estate transactions in every season, wind mitigation inspections, insurance inspections, 4-point inspections, etc., plus foreign investors, and the length of ownership is short (people come here to die).

So there are just way more inspections needed in the state.

wow good info, very interesting, thank you!

None of that (with the exception of your last line) makes any sense whatsoever. No one works all over the country, so your first number, 17450, is meaningless. Your “power of 10” theory comes from where? Air? Over what timeframe? Are you saying, by this quite arbitrary formula, that you should have 17 inspections daily, weekly, monthly, yearly?

You work where you live - or move. In Colorado, my research tells me that there were under 100,000 home sales last year (a HOT year) Niick says there’s 1,185 Internachi inspectors here. How many Ashi inspectors? I couldn’t tell you, but since I’m partial to Internachi, let’s assume a low number of, oh, 315, to make an even 1,500 inspectors. Let’s also assume a 50 week year (realistic and easier math).

Understand that each and every one of the other 1,499 inspectors thinks they are as qualified, honest, and hungry as you are.

That, my friend, boils down to 1 1/3 inspections per week per inspector.
You figure out your own area, it looks pretty plum to me, but you can throw your “power of 10” nonsense out the window.

Now ask yourself how to differentiate yourself in that aggressive of a market, and economically get people to understand that difference, that’s the real trick, isn’t it?

The abbreviation for Alberta is AB, not AL
Interesting that Ontario with a population of 13.4 million has 487 InterNACHI Inspectors and Alberta with a population of 4 million has 422 InternNACHI inspectors.

Even less in Colorado.