Number of InterNACHI members in Alberta tops 300.

Onwards and upwards!

What you going to do tomorrow Brain?
The same thing I do everyday Pinky!
Try to take over the world.:mrgreen:
I need to add this for those that don’t know Nick I mean the Brain. LOL

Great Job Nick! Lets get InterNACHI & OntarioACHI at the top here in Ontario! (Not that there are any better choices :wink:

When the membership increases anywhere, it should empower us all. Onward & Upwards indeed! :slight_smile:

Good stuff Nick, how about introducing a like button to the message board?

Great idea! :slight_smile:

Here is a like button :slight_smile:

That’s about as much use as a chocolate teapot when I am referring to a totally different website…

I don’t know where you got that saying but I will LIKE it. LOL

Awesome saying!