Number of InterNACHI members in Texas tops 1,700.

InterNACHI Membership Stats - InterNACHI

That’s impressive. Getting close to 50% of the inspectors in the State. The largest group I know of in the history of Texas home inspection.

Wonder how long it will be before some areas will be able to say HI’s are a Dime a Dozen and the prices will start reflecting that?

I seen that happen 47 years ago in Florida with Carpenters. If you had a hammer, you were a Carpenter, Journeyman, not quite.

Home Inspector, Qualified, not quite.

I’m just seeing some resemblance here.


Already has been very evident in Texas for the past 5-10 years. “Drive-By” inspectors are everywhere.

A topic is being presented to the Commissioners at their February meeting. I suspect it will carry over to Sunset review in April. If TREC’s actions and recommendations over the past few months prevail drive-by inspections will stop and fees will increase well over $1,000 . . . maybe $5,000 or more. Inspector numbers will drop from 4,200 to 150. However, the number of inspections done to InterNACHI Standards will exceed 500,000.

Carnac the Magnificent

It’s starting to happen in my area, over the last year or two. A lot of it has to do with InterNachi making it easy and relatively cheap to become licensed in Illinois.

Are you referencing the E&O debacle (Defense Within Limits)?