Number of posts on this message board increases again!

Less than 5 months ago we announced that this message board received its 500,000th post. Today we have 551,136 posts.

Since May 20th, we got a whopping 51,136 additional new posts!

We’ll have a big, online, message board event to celebrate our 1 millionth post.

That’s good. Now if we can only get a few more of them to be Home Inspection related.

Nick, I had occasion to Google the term “home inspection” today. I was surprised that NACHI is not in the top ten organic results.

I smell a big prize pool. Must be some way to set this up. Not just an ordinary prize. A super stupendous, phenomenal - over the top, everything goes, new truck / digital camera / membership for life type of prize… oh and I forgot…and Steve wins type of prize. :mrgreen:

Chuck, don’t be surprised No one likely to hire a home inspector searches for just that. The only people searching only on the phrase “home inspectors” are home inspectors, not consumers likely to need a home inspector. Searches performed by consumers most likely to hire a home inspector include the word “certified” or even more, the ancillary service they need such as “mold inspector” or even more than that, the city they need the home inspector to be in such as “Toledo certified mold and home inspector”. The inclusion of a city is the greatest indicator that the searcher is also a consumer about to hire a home inspector.

As for:

… the greatest number of posts were by far in the technical forums (General inspections, HVAC, Electrical, etc). The most amount of new threads were started in the technical forums as well. It’s not even close any more. Although licensing and legal forums have a few very long threads… the tech forums dominate in terms of new posts, new threads, and views… and that in spite of our own growing educational resources being in competition with our technical message board forums for sources of technical information.

All other indicators over the same past 5 months are up as well:

Also, as of late, our own are competing with our technical message board forums for sources of technical information.

I see 2nd for ‘home inspector’ and 10th for ‘home inspection’. I agree though majority of searches will include some sort of city.

Correct about cities.

But “majority of searches” should be of absolutely no concern to any member. Only “majority of searches by someone likely to hire a home inspector” should be of interest to members… and for that… nothing beats city.

Traffic and page rank is to gross sales as conversions is to net profit.

Anyway, it breaks my heart when I surf a member’s website and discover it doesn’t include his local city/cities.

Yup, I know how you feel. I get the calls and emails all the time from guys who want to know why they’re not on the first page of Google and there’s no mention on their site of where they inspect. You’re right, it’s all about what the potential clients are looking for.

Traffic and page rank is to gross sales as conversions is to net profit.

Sounds like you need to be buying up some more servers.

It’s easy enough to skip over the political crap. Usually either the title or the name of the oringinal poster let’s us know it’s just more crap to skip. Some people actually enjoy that stuff.

Anyway, congratulations. Bigger and better and climbing on up!

Let’s hope it keeps up. We need more participation here.
Tons of education material and hundreds of helpful post to the HI industry.
Let’s all hang together and view the threads we all enjoy.:slight_smile: