Number of real estate agents taking InterNACHI's online courses surpasses inspectors.

The number of real estate agents taking InterNACHI’s free, online courses for real estate agents has surpassed the number of inspectors taking our free online inspection courses.

InterNACHI is now the second largest provider of approved courses for real estate agents.

Those mother effers showing us up! Someday the tides will turn and the whole country will only accept INachi certified inspectors where as it used to be ASHI

The largest provider of courses for real estate agents is still NAR, the National Association of REALTORs.

Agents out-number HI’s about 300 to one. So, expect that stat.

Yep. 2 million+ agents in North America.

Do we get notified when an agent uses our number to sign up?


Nick, does NACHI have an online radon course for agents?

InterNACHI continues to lead the way!

Yup, you can tell by just reading this message board!

Hard to believe!

I don’t think NAR or any other of the smaller real estate schools are going to be able to compete with online, approved, robust, and free… for long. I suspect that by the end of next year, there will only be one provider of continuing education for all real estate agents… InterNACHI.

These cards are a great option, I hand them out to all realtors. Thanks.