Isnt this what toddlers often call a bowel movement?

I thought they referred to it as poo poo.


If memory serves, I think it’s Dupi but I could be wrong. :cool:

According to my granddaughter, it is the name of Charlie Brown’s beagle.

According to people who live in India, it is a word meaning “woman”.

According to a few who would know, it is the name of a prosthetic device once personally tested by the Executive Director of another national association.

According to this website, which has stolen the logo of the NUPI home inspection site, it is the National United Party against Internet-Bullying.

While not being bullied, it appears, the “women” of NUPI also write home inspection reports.

They have a SOP. Or…they have started to write one…the “committee” that is.

They also have a COE they call a “pledge of allegiance” to NUPI.

In all seriousness, it does appear that someone has put the website for National Association of Uniform Property Inspectors (NUPI) out of commission for some strange reason…and replaced it with the internet bullying warning.

This is getting very strange. Does our former ED, Mr. Bowman, still have the NUPI logo as his avatar, or is that gone, too?

What a Joke!](*,)

**I guess that Bowmen & Friends saw what a lousy name they had chosen for their new “National United Commercial / Home Property Inspectors” Association and decided to change it.:roll: **