NY acceptance of Internachi online courses

Any update of NY state accepting Internachi online courses? Not sure of date I read that it was imminent, March maybe. I know it has been talked about for years but thought COVID-19 might have finally made it acceptable to our lawmakers!

Although proposed several times it is still not fact. With the COVID the State is accepting some “full duplex” on line, per info they supplied to me when I asked. By “full duplex” I mean the students have to supply a signed affidavit that they are actually the person attending the class. Video both ways available as well as audio. Instructor must be able to query a student and get an answer and vice-versa. Student must be able to ask questions. Quiz - written task also.Yes, it can be done as Ben G. did for the COVID Class, via ZOOM, so those of us in NY could get CE credit. A few HI Training Schools have qualified under special permit to do so but it IS NOT an across the board policy for ALL CE, just during the COVID Restriction.
As for me, I elected to not set up the video conferencing because many of the inspectors here in upstate do not have sufficient quality internet connections for video conferencing.
HOWEVER - a few days back when the Governor announced during one of his daily briefings the continued closure of public schools through end of the school year one of the reporters asked “You said public schools. What about private schools?” He stated that “he has no authority over private schools, those not receiving State money. As long as they make effort to protect faculty, staff and students through social distancing and sanitation he has no control over them.”
ASKUS Consulting, is, by that definition, a fully private school. Therefore, after considerable conversation with my wife (an RN) and another now retired medical professional (Commander, US Navy Nurse, Bethesda) ASKUS will be resuming continuing education sessions, with some restrictions as to pre-registration, class size and mask use.

Our next session is Monday and Tuesday (12 hrs total) on 18 and 19 May. Anyone can contact me directly at 518 827 4852. Visit our website, www.askusconsultingservices.com We will be doing some additional sessions to help those who have been delayed in gaining sufficient CE to renew licenses by the COVID restrictions

Thank you for the response sir!