NY Council, and help from around the country

Today I spoke with Judy Rapfogel, Speaker Silver’s Chief of Staff… I explained the situation to her and she asked if I would send a letter to her office… I thought I would try to get 100 letters instead… from NY inspectors and from around the country…

The NY Council for home inspectors is made up of 3 citizens and 3 home inspectors… all the home inspectors are ASHI members… we have no representation. We have no clue whats going on till it is 6 months in the making… I explained to Judy that we would like a NACHI representative on the board so that there would be a little balance… she seems agreeable to that… and wanted me to post a letter to her about this issue… below I have the copy of this letter I am sending tomorrow… It would be nice if 100 letters showed up next week… just copy and paste letter… print it out on your own letterhead and send it in the snail mail to her… It would be nice if all letters would be the same… that would show unity within our organization… If you could please spend 10 minutes and put this letter in the mail to her on your letterhead, that would be great… the more letters the better the chance the last spot on the council will be one of ours…

the letter goes like this…

February 23, 2007

Ms. Judy Rapfogel
Chief of Staff
Rm 932
Legislative Office Bldg
Albany, NY 12248

Dear Ms. Rapfogel,

I am writing you as a member of the “National Association of Certified Home Inspectors” (NACHI). We are the largest home inspection association in the country, and also the largest association in New York State. It has come to my attention that there is still a position on the council that has not been filled. I would like to make two suggestions for you to consider before you determine who you will appoint to this last and very important position. There are supposed to be only 3 members of the council that are home inspectors. Currently there are “4” members of “ASHI”
on this council. The American Society of Home Inspectors is another National Association. They are an older association than ours but their membership is smaller by half.

Without representation on the council it is difficult for NACHI members to stay abreast of the current considerations. Most of the council’s work is done in subcommittees which are not open to the public. I feel that the council should be made up of members of different Associations instead of just members from one association, in order to give a more balanced representation.

My two recommendations are:

  1. Appoint another home inspector to the council, preferably one from NACHI.
  2. Appoint Mr. Larry Allen, owner of VSI out of Clifton Park, NY. He qualifies for this position according to the requirements set forth by Article 12-B Real Property Law.

Thank you for any consideration you can give this matter.

Should you gather concensus from NY NACHI members from around the state as to a viable candidate first?

Has anyone asked Nick whi he thinks should represent NACHI on this committee?

I have been involved with this since day one… Just like you have Joe… I would rather not argue for the next month over who should serve… does it matter as long he bleeds NACHI blue… Larry does… I trust Larry… and I would like to have an immediate response from around the county and NY State rather than argue for the next month…

Lets just get someone that is qualified… 5 years, 250 inspections… on the council… we want a voice… not necessarily a consensus candidate… how in the world would all of us find a consensus candidate…


I agree with you on this. My letter to Ms. Rapfogel will go out tomorrow.

NACHI at its best.


I have sent your email to NACHI Headquarters to be distributed to all NACHI NY Inspectors.

In addition I will send your email to local chapter presidents for distribution.

I strongly support this effort. We have our foot in the door, now let’s get the rest of the body in.


PS…Larry Allen is a great choice.

I do concur with Dan. Get someone in there ASAP. I will post to Chapter website. As a point, when someone is being considered for endorsement, we should have a Bio on them. I don’t personally know Larry, but would feel more comfortable if i could review his Bio.

I checked with John Bowman about his appointment… he heartily concurred… I will post his resume tomorrow… If you have another preference there is no reason you could not put his name in instead of Larry’s… I just thought it would appear like a stronger endorsement if we all gathered around the same person… This is about showing the Speaker that we are unified and a large force in NY…

We made a council of NY NACHI Chapters Presidents around the state, to work on getting a nachi member into the NYS Council. You picked larry without discussing this with other NY NACHI members first.

You and John bowman only have 10 members in your chapter, I don’t see how you get to pick the member.

All the NY Chapters should vote on this appointment to the NYS Council.

Council of Chapter Presidents?

Gee, guys.

Let’s see. I was co-director of NY NACHI; NACHI’s oldest and one of its largest chapters.

I have been with ths org since it had approximately 400 members, to its current roster of nearly 10,000.

I was instrumental in creation of NACHIs Code of Ethics, as well as its Standard of Practice.

I run its Arbitration and Mediation Service.

I help members every day across the country.

I am currently NACHIs Director of Professional Development.

I was one of 2 NACHI members who travelled to Albany, and met with the reps of the Chairs of the Assembly and Senate Judiciary Committees.

I authorized representatives from the DOS/DOL total and unfettered acces to, and use of, NACHI’s entire database of questions and answers.

I was personally asked to help DOL members formulate the curruculative outline, including hours and course modules, used by HI schools throughout the State. I helped build it for them, and ratified it with them in Albany.

I was provided draft copies of the HI legislation, before it was passed as law, and asked to comment in the margins.

I am licensed as a full instructor, not a technical instructor. I may open a school here in NY for inspectors.

I was licensed as a real estate professional, and fully understand real estate law and its possible impact on the HI industry in NY state.

I am a certified radon measurement specialist

I am licensed as a pesticide technician by the NYS DEC

I am a licensed HUD 203K consultant.

I am a well and water quality specialist. With proposed mandatory well water testing act, this is important as it will likely put inspectors out of thewater sampling business.

I am a certified master inspector.

I travel the country teaching inspectors.

I have resided in NY state for 48 years.

I suppose I am not qualified.:shock: Not that I yearn for the post, but I am clearly more deeply involved in multiple aspects of this organization, its legislative efforts, its committees, and future developments than anyone in NY.

I have been involved in HI legislative matters here in NY for the past 4 1/2 years.

This appointment came out of nowhere.

As to this council of presidents, may i ask why (as I am one of the more deeply involved individuals in this legislation, since it was initially discussed way back when in Rockland), and since I am one of the founders of NY NACHI, why I have apparently omitted from membership on this council. As Director of Professional Development for this organization, as a NY inspector, and as one who is headng a joint effort with ASHI on a possible re-vamp or both associations SOPs, my thoughts are that there is no valid reason why I havent been invited.

Was this an oversight? If not, I’d like a reason… please.

Dan’s response to my rather innocent but pointed question came with a bit of defensiveness, IMO. So, I’ll put it to Dan: was it your idea to try and keep me out? If not, then whose?

A couple questions:

Does Larry have a website?
Is he a member of any other associations or just NACHI?
What does Joe Farsetta say about him?

Joe Farsetta is one of the inspection industry’s foremost leaders. He is from NY. He co-founded our first major NACHI Chapter in NY. He was instrumental in getting NY to use our exam and grandfather our members. He teaches the Certified Well Sampler course. He runs ADRS. He owns A.H.I.T. interactive media. He chairs NACHI’s ESOP and Professional Development committees. I think he should probably take the seat or at least recommend someone. No?

Joe, ooops I posted before I got to read yours. Good post.

Anyway, what is Larry’s website URL?


I will have to agree with you completely. Joe has as many qualifications if not more than most inspectors and without a doubt can speak quite eloquently (If you know what I mean). My choice would be Joe, but I’m not sure he would even consider. It really should have been discuss with other members to come up with a mutual choice.

Tom Fisher
Allpro Home Inspection Service Inc.
Pine Bush, NY

Joe has no time for it. I have him busy 24/7. I just think he should voice his opinion about our seat on the Board.

Obviously we can have elections, throw up a bunch of names and discuss this forever… my point is…

We have a limited window to try to get an appointment in… I have been working for the last 3 months to get Judy on the phone… I have met with Jim Quint twice (Judy’s assistant)… and have been spinning my wheels for the last 3 months for this one opportunity with Judy… We have a narrow window of an opportunity… She already has people she is looking at… This position has been open for the last 14 months… they will be acting soon… I don’t give a #### who our representative is… as long as we have one… Anyone can write anyones name in… I wasn’t trying to pick for all of us… I was trying to get a selection in and strike while we have the opportunity… My letter suggests Larry… If a hundred letters show up then we have done our thing…

Joe, please forgive me for not including you… I picked Larry because he is experienced, moderate in his personality and will not try and burn the building down if he doesn’t get his way… I have known you for over 3 years and we have worked together on this, but you are a leader, not a committee person… I am sorry if this offends you, I would follow you into battle any time, but I might not want the armistice to be negotiated by you… that is not a put down, its just an acknowledgment of fact and my opinion.

I called John Bowman “Executive Director of NACHI” I believe… and asked him what he thought of the situation and of putting Larry’s name in… he felt Larry was more than qualified. As an association we should have been discussing this sooner, I tried that but have had no response, and John knows what I am talking about.

To the association I apologize if I have overstepped my bounds, but I haven’t seen any of you in any of these offices lobbying… I might have got excited by a small victory… but let me repeat one last time…

I don’t care who we name, Lets just name someone NOW and all at the same time… Just please post a letter tomorrow and name who you want… It is Speakers Silvers choice not ours…



Its not our seat yet… I think that is my point… lets get the seat before we worry about "who sits in it.


Apology accepted, my friend. I know that time of of the essence. Please work with Patsy and throw some names around.

I would like to speak to whomever is suggested by you folks.

You guys could have clued me in, for goodness sakes! As to John throwing his support one way or the other, you have members across the state who inspect and who have a vested interest in this. ***The candidate needs to serve the membership of NY, and if he fails to do so, is accountable to the membership. ***

Who started the Council and what is its charter?

BTW, I still am miffed at not being included in it. What gives?

Who is keeping me off?

Dan, if not you, then who?

Who is on the Council and who is not?

Patsy? I’m pissed, my friend, at being kept in the dark. I think I deserve better.

Limiting this Council to chapter presidents is ludacris. Members should be licensed inspectors in this state, and be NACHI members. If you aint licensed in NY, you aint on the council.

But, to leave Dan and I out is an outrage. We were the NACHI reps from way back when. We were the 2 country bumpkins who beat the lobbiests, through honesty, integrety, frankness, and without an agenda.

Dan, you knew about this council and went along with other’s plans for us to being omitted? Why would you ever go along with this?

So, where does the Council communicate, and is that forum private or open? Where is it?

As a long-time NY NACHI member I demand to know. Pat Maietta and I started NY NACHI on the porch of Rhodes Tavern. Before we did that, there were no NACHI chapters anywhere. We were the first. We are the best.

If our ED was aware of this council, are aware of my involvement in state matters, and in NACHI matters, and of Dan and my mutual contacts, the question goes to why he ***went along with not telling me or allowing my inclusion on this Council? ***What the hell is going on here? Who’s runnng the show?

Next question: Is John a member of the Council, and does he have access or input into its function or discussion? Was it planned to include him?


We did not start a Council for NACHI… about NY State Licensing…

Let me explain what happened… don’t get into a tiff Joe… believe it or not you do not have to be included in everything… this is what happened…

At the NY State Council meeting last November I believe… we had no representative from NACHI attend the meeting… because it was in NY City… Too far for Tom Valosin and I to attend… Tom and I have been attending the Albany meetings…

I was upset that no one covered the NYC meeting so I talked with John Bowan and suggested we should have a Chapter president in each regional area in a group that communicated with each other to make sure we had a representative at every meeting to report on what was discussed… The NY State council will meet in NYC, Albany, Rochester, and Syracuse… so I suggested we get 4 chapter presidents together to make sure that if the meeting was in their area they would be responsible for having someone attend the meeting… That is all…

I contacted Patsy, Don Peterson from Buffalo, and Annie Laurie from Syracuse, and Tom Valosin from Albany. Each of them said they would make sure we had coverage in their area if the meeting happened in their town…

That is it… no conspiracy, no discussion of policy, no overthrow of government, and certainly no intent to hurt Joe Farsetta’s feelings… Joe this was about attendence at meetings, nothing else…

Chill out…

Your friend


And another thing, you are hurt you weren’t included, now you are mad at me, John Bowman and Patsy for not including you… you demand answers and your inclusion… you post a long post blaming everyone involved…

That is exactly why I don’t support you for the council… you take everything as a personal assault…


Funny how I’m good enough for advice, though.


My letter will go out today.