NY Mold Assessor License

Upcoming Course if you are interested in getting your NY Mold Accessor License.

Get Licensed Now!

Do you perform mold inspections in the state of New York? A new state law requires you to get a NY Mold Assessor License. The deadline is approaching fast: January 1, 2016!

What must you do to qualify?

You must attend a state-approved 4-day course and pass the exam administered on the last day. The only other requirements are to be 18 years old and have a NY state issued identification. Out of state students can get a non-drivers ID card by visiting the DMV (http://dmv.ny.gov/). New York does not have any mold experience requirements.

Upcoming Course Dates & Locations

December 14-17: Long Island (Bayside/Queens) 8:30am-4:30pm
Adria Hotel & Conference Center
221-17 Northern Blvd
Bayside, NY 11361


The cost of the course is $850, with the following discounts available (non combinable):


To register, either call 877-426-2855 or sign up online here: NY Licensed Assessor Course.

Do you know if New Jersey passed a simular license law?

No, nothing in place now for New Jersey, but they are talking about it.

Thank you

If someone can offer some clarification on this I would appreciate it. I called the NY DOS and they had no knowledge of any mold assessor requirements. I then called the department of Labor and they told me there are indeed requirements for NY home inspectors to also pass required courses for mold assessment. Do all NY home inspectors need to be mold assessors or only the ones that hold themselves out as doing full blown mold inspections? Thanks, Aristotle

You need to become licensed and insured if you are doing any mold assessment’s, testing, sampling.

And you then need to be insured for professional liability covering mold