NY poised to pass Online CEUs

The way NY operates, I doubt there will be much “fight” into what courses are approved or dis-approved. The DOS is stretched beyond its limits, and if courses are properly presented they more likely than not will be approved without haste. With the DOS requesting this bill, I doubt they will be hesitant to approve courses.

Agsin, if they do approve online learning, it is set to begin immediately. Therefore you can always take online courses from another state and request reciporcal credit. They’ve already approved online courses from other states, they’d have no reason to deny it now, simply based on the “We don’t take online courses,” attitide once the bill passes.

I am writing to ask for your support of Bill S4468-2011. This would allow NYS licensed Home Inspectors to fulfill their Continuing Education requirements online through NACHI.com
Having started in the Inspection industry in 1997, I know that NACHI is the foremmost educational organization available to us as Home Inspectors today.
I find NACHI’s educational material to be equal to or more comprehensive and technically challenging than any other that I find the opportunity to purchase, regardless of Industry or trade organization.
The list of other States that accept CEU’s from NACHI is extensive.
Your support of this Bill would be greatly appreciated.
Christopher Mennella
NYS Licensed Home Inspector

Some folks in DOS were not aware there was any movement at all…

This is meaningless, and I can almost guarantee there will be little in the way of requirements of submissions, instructor credentials, or delivery systems for a year.

No you cant. You cant do it now…

Which ones???

There is a form you can file with the proper proof showing you took a course taht was approved in another state. You file the DOS form. The letter from the NACHI site in which that state says its approving the course from NACHI. The certificate from NACHI that says you sucessfully completed it and that’s it. The DOS approved courses from Tennesee previously. There’s no secret. No backdoor. You’re following the requirements they set forth. Distance Learning is the way to go. You’re not stuck in a classroom wasting time when you could be working. With online learning you can study at your own pace and do it when it’s convenient for YOU, not someone’s school. I know there are those with schools who are opposed to this for selfish reasons. All NYS inspectors should contact their Senators & Assemblypersons and urge them to vote on this ASAP.


Wherever you are getting your information from, the way in which you have presented it is misleading, to say the least.

On line courses, whether approved in another state or not, are definitely not approved for CEU credit in NY.

This is old news and those who believe it to be a valid means in which to get CEU credit will likely see their home inspection licenses revoked.

For more information, refer questions to the NY State DOS Bureau of Educational Standards.

Article 12-b Real Property Law Sec.197-3.6, specifically covers Equivalency Credit. Nowhere in the law does it specifically prohibit taking online courses and receiving credit for them. The reason these laws are written so there is no interpretation needed. Please explain how following the procedures for receiving eqivalency properly would result in a license being revoked ? You obviously have a different take on distance learning for whatever reason.


Since you profess to be a genius with regard to a law which I helped craft, in a venue I have participated in since its inception, I wonder how you missed the fact that on-line and all forms of distance learning are not accepted for continuing education in NY.

But… I have to ask… Are you a NY State Licensed Home Inspector? If you are, your name does not appear on the DOS website as such. Are you an inspector at all?

Whatever… If you were a licensed Ny State HI, and you tried this stunt, you will receive no credit. Period, end of report. If you failed to receive the CEU credit, you’d lose your license.

If you’d like written verification of this FACT, please contact Mr. Marc Mastrobuono at the Ny State DOS, Division of Licensing Services, Bureau of Educational Standards. He heads the group.

In the mean time, since you are apparently not a NY licensed home inspector, I’d appreciate it if you would immediately stop disseminating false information.

Joe, if I can jump in here. I think he is saying that since the Department already permits Equivalency Credit (except for online courses), and since InterNACHI’s courses are already approved everywhere else, …the second the Bill becomes law, an InterNACHI member can use InterNACHI’s online courses for continuing education, instantly, using the Equivalency Credit avenue.

This would be a legitimate way of fulfilling NYS continuing education requirements until the Department accepts direct submission of InterNACHI’s online course completions.

Note: NYS already approved InterNACHI’s courses. They are used in NYS already. NYS only rejected online delivery. So when that changes by statute… all lights are green instantly.

You appear to be the genius. Show me ONE place where it says online courses cannot be used for equivalency credit. It appears that as an educator you stand to lose if NY begins to accept online classes. Please direct us ALL to where it is written in NYS law that equivalency credit taken via online courses will not be accepted. I don’t want some, “This guy said this,” BS, if it’s not specifically forbidden, then it’s not. And, since you’ve been involved in this since it’s inception, why haven’t you pushed for acceptance of online courses, especially since the Organization you belong to offers a vast array which are far better than a story-telling workshop, which so many on-site classes turn into. I’m done with this disagreement, apparently you have your opinion and aren’t willing to see it any other way.

Nick, at least you see what I’m talking about.

Mr. Phillipson (if that is what your name is),

I refer you to Mr. Mark Mastrobuono of the NY State Department of State. He works at the Division of Licensing Services, and is in charge of educational standards. He does not make the rules; he enfoeces them.

The dribble dripping from the side of your pathetic mouth has been discussed on this message board before. It was discussed ad nauseum. Any licensed inspector in NY State knows that what I have stated is true. Why? Because on-line education for CEUs in our industry is NOT recognized. Not only is it not permitted for educators, but because it is not permissible by a NY State licensed education provider, it would also not be permitted out of state.

When the venue is permitted here in NY, I imagine that I will also make my courses available via distannce learning. I do not forsee any difficulties presenting themselves, as I have been a licensed educator here in NY since the inception of the law.

You, on the other hand, are apparently numb from the neck up. Are you even an inspector? You are not a member of this org, and have want to be Mr. Helper.

Your inane advice will “help” our members to lose their home inspection licenses.

You dont want to hear “this guy said…”. In this case, the “this guy” enforces the educational requirements, in conjunction with an attorney on assignment to him from the NY State Attorney General’s office.

Let’s see if the bill even passes. For the rest, please continue to ensure you receive your required CEUs which are RECOGNIZED by the DOS.


If you are the face of NACHI, why would someone want to join? It seems as though all of your posts are adversarial in nature and there is no “discussion.” Like many forums on the internet, there is always a “Know it all.” You seem to be that person, and when the discussion does not go your way, you take to personal attacks. It appears that you are a high ranking NACHI official who deals with “Ethics,” yet your comments are akin to high school bully, “Your way or the Highway.” I encourage Nick Gromicko to seriously address your personal attacks, after all, this forum is open for all to view and reflects negatively upon the organization. I await your rebuttal, which will undoubtedly be a personal attack on me. I, however, will refuse to stoop to such an unprofessional level.


Earn your own scars in this org, or rent mine. I really dont give a fiddler’s ****.

I have seen your ilk before. Many have attacked me, and none have won.

Why is that, Jeffy-poo?

Because I can spot a shill a mile away. Please direct us to your inspection website. Please inform us of your level of expereince. Please enlighten us on what qualifies you to provide such harmful advice to our member inspectors from NY, as if your words are Gospel? They arent. You are a boob and a shill. Repoort my post. Report me to Nick.

Mr. Philipson, when Googled, the sole place your name appears ANYWHERE on thhe Internet is in this forum.

I dont need to attack you, sir. In this industry, you are apparently NOBODY. Please set me straight. And be sure and complain to Nick about me. He can throw me out whenever he wants. He can strip me of whatever authority he has granted me anytime he wants. He runs the org.

Be sure and scream about how unprofessional I am. Be sure to tell him he could put up a prettiier face than mine. Then ask him how many members we had prior to my joining, and heading the teams that served as the fondation of InterNACHI. Then look at our member files. Research how many classes I have taught through the years for NACHI. See how many inspectors and cities I have travelled to. Read thhe advice I have provided. Read it all. Lookat the battles I have waged, at ppersoonal expense for this org and its Founder.

Then look at your own accomplishments for an org you havent yet joined, and havent lifted a finger to help (other than to give BS advice). When your all done with that (which will take a nano-second to complete) you can kiss my NY a s s.

BTW, I have already advised Nick as to the true process and what NACHI needs to do for now.

The LAST thing we need is to allow a dumb a s s such as yourself to use thiis message board to disseminate erroneous information.

Are we done here yet?

Don’t make me spank you a second time.

Before re-engaging (because I will not let this go if you continue), be sure and enlighten us as to your background and who you are, because as of this very moment, you are no-one and are nowhere.


Do you feel your comments properly reflect the image that NACHI is attempting to portray ? Or better yet your company ? If I was looking for an inspector in your area, after reading your unprofessional comments, there’s no way I’d call you. But, you DON’T CARE. My intentions of originating this post was to inform the membership that there was legislation pending that might be of interest to them. You decided to drag this discussion into the gutter. I’ll let you win this thread, since that’s what you want. Good luck in your future business endeavors.

Thanks, Jeffy.

Coming from you, it really means a lot:roll:

I agree Joe, he is no one, trying to give out trouble for those that mistakenly listen to him.

Any update on S4468? Thanks