NY to Arkansas

April 5th to April 8th I’ll be around Little Rock, AR visiting family, any suggestions, stop offs, places to see (gives me something else to do after they throw me out…LOL) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Hi to all,

You could try this Mic, they’ve been having a good year




That looks like fun, Thanks !!!


Arkansas isnt pretty to look at until you get to the Ozarks region.that is along way from little rock but hey if your coming all the way from New York may as well see the north western part of Arkansas.Historic towns,rivers,lakes,music shows,fishing,hunting,shopping.And who could forget Branson missouri it is near the Arkansas line.

Actually, while you are in Little Rock, I would visit the Little Rock Zoo. It is suprisingly one of the better zoos in the US that I have been to, not a huge one, but very nice and enjoyable also, especially if you are taking trade ins (I mean kids) with you.

Thanks for the tips…now, about those speed traps:shock:


If you leave the main tourist stops, it may be best to keep it to yourself that you are from New York…some yankees never make it back home.

Oh, and if a feller with one tooth and a rusty hunting rifle asks if you can “squeal like a pig”, it is best to run like hell.

Absolutely, I’d hate for him to think I was doing some marketing in his neck of the woods.:shock: :shock: :shock: