Nylon inpector apparel

Is it true that you should not wear nylon apparel, as stated in the NACHI electrical course, when inspecting a panel. If so is there some danger in testing outlets as well? What is the danger?
I am about to by a new lightweight jacket & all the decent ones are nylon shell.:neutral:

Roy Drangstveit

Natural fibers are generally flame/flash resistant. Also, insulate from heat generated by arcs, and do not melts and transfer heat to the flesh.




Depending on what you are looking for…





This may be overkill for the home inspector but is still applicable when it comes to synthetic fabrics.

It was widely understood
in our facilities that clothing
made from non-flame resistant
synthetic fabrics that could melt
is not appropriate when working on
or near electrically energized parts and
equipment. If these garments are exposed
to an electric arc flash they can ignite,
melt and drip, which leads to severe
burns. But many people consider non-flame
resistant 100-percent cotton fabrics
to be “safer” in an electric arc flash,

which is a very dangerous misperception.

Better safe then sorry.

Fire Resistant work clothing…


How often do you wear a jacket inside while your inspecting the electrical? You can always take it off for that portion of the inspection if it makes you feel that uncomfortable. Buy whatever you want.

I wear a stainless steel wrist watch throughout my entire inspection. When I go to remove a deadfront, I take off my watch and put it in my pocket. When I’m done, I put it back on.

Simple little actions can give a client percieved value. When you start taking subtle safety precations in front of a client, it makes them think for a split second that this guy must really know what he is doing.