Nynachi-esa New York Allergen Course

January 20th in Suffern, NY.
Indoor Allergens and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)

Add another service to your business plan.
This 8 hour class will cover the following topics.


  1. Understanding Protein Based Allergens and types of allergic reactions
  2. Who are they – Dust Mites, Cats, Dogs, Cockroaches, Mice, Feathered
  3. How to inspect for these allergens
  4. Testing methods using ELISA analysis and Threshold Limit Values for Allergens
  5. Presenting Lab results to client and possible fixes to their problems
    Understanding Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)
  6. What happens when a client complains of odors at home or the workplace
  7. Common household items that can release chemical fumes
  8. Detailed review of common household and building items that can release gases
  9. Testing methodology for VOC’s using the standard SUMA canister.
  10. How the Laboratory will help you place, retrieve and interpret the results.
  11. Who needs your services
  12. Residential and commercial clients
  13. Suggested charges and costs involved
  14. How to find the work

Cost for this course is $150.00 for ESA Members, Non-member pricing is $225.00 – Special price to include ESA membership and class is $295.00 – a discount of $50.00.

To reserve your seat call Malissa in our Marketing Department at 570-326-7360 or email malissa.mundorff@envirosolution.com.

Gasuntheit Pat.