NYS Licensing Class this March on Long Island

NYS Approved ~ 140 Hour Home Inspection Program
Our Entire Program (all 5 modules) has been Approved by NEW YORK STATE. Our School Founder/Director is Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D. All Approvals have been issued by the New York State, Department of State, Division of Licensing Services for HOME INSPECTION LICENSING. The Programs below will include a Home Inspection Program for Residential Transactions. A Turn Key Operation for our students ! This Saves thousands as compared to some of our competitors. All we require is that the fees are non-refundable. They do include all books, materials, handouts, software and final exams!

Executive Day Program-Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat. Day (8-5pm) 2 weeks! 100 hrs

Approved NYS Accelerated Program in 2007-Offered DAYS, MON-SAT 2 WEEKS!

HOME INSPECTION MODULE 1**:** MARCH 19, 20, 21 (8-5PM); 25 HRS plus Exam

HOME INSPECTION MODULE 2**: MARCH 22, 23, 24** (8-5PM); 25 HRS plus Exam
HOME INSPECTION MODULE 3**: MARCH 26, 27, 28** (8-5PM); 25 HRS plus Exam
HOME INSPECTION MODULE 4**:** MARCH 29, 30, 31 (8-5PM); 25 HRS plus Exam
Module # 5 to be announced- You must register separately for Module 5-see above pricing-schedule will be distributed during Modules 1 thru 4 - CLICK HERE FOR INFO!](http://www.merrellinstitute.com/module5.html)** Class 5 is usually completed within 2 weeks- (5 FULL days MINIMUMl!) TYPICALLY WE COORDINATE 2 INSPECTIONS PER DAY TO MEET THE 40 HOURS INSPECTIONS OVER 2 WEEKS! **

  • **Module # 1: **$ 450.00 including materials and Final Exam-25 Hrs + Exam NYS Approval Code P0011
    Topics for module 1: Structural, Exterior, and Roof
  • **Module # 2: **$ 450.00 including materials and Final Exam-25 Hrs + Exam NYS Approval Code P0012
    Topics for module 2: Interior, Insulation, Ventilation and Electrical
  • **Module # 3: **$ 450.00 including materials and Final Exam-25 Hrs + Exam NYS Approval Code P0013
    Topics for module 3: Heating, Cooling and Plumbing Systems
  • **Module # 4: **$ 450.00 including materials and Final Exam-25 Hrs + Exam NYS Approval Code P0014
    Topics for module 4: Overview of Profession, NYS Licensing Law and Report Writing
  • Module # 5: 1,100.00 - 40 Hours of Supervised Home Inspections: NYS Approval Code P0015 - 700.00 FOR THOSE WHO TAKE 1,2,3,4 WITH US!
  • MODULES 1 2, 3, 4: Pre-paid:$ 1,200.00** 100 Hours Education incl. materials and finals******
  • ****This Price is for our students and other organizations we have agreements with! That’s thousands less than many competing schools listed on their web sites! This is a NON-Refundable Program! NACHI Members will benefit from this discounted price ! Does price determine value, or are you willing to pay more for the 140 hour program? THIS IS A $1,000 OFF THE RETAIL PRICE OF OUR PROGRAM AND THOUSANDS LESS THAN SEVERAL OTHER SCHOOLS!
  • MODULES 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5: Pre-paid: 1,900.00** including materials and finals-That means that those enrolled in our Modules 1, 2, 3, 4 can Take Module 5 for ONLY 700.00 as our discount rate! For this fee, this is a Non-Refundable Program! THAT’S ANOTHER $ 400 SAVINGS!**

Additional Discounts for NACHI Members in good standing! Len Ungar, LI Chapter President is our Module 5 Licensed Home Inspection Supervising Instructor. His attention to detail in each home is an asset to the program! allaround@optonline.net