NYS Licensing Course on Long Island

I am pleased to announce that a new 140 hour NYS Licensing course will be offered at the prestigious American Real Estate School. The course starts on Jan.22nd and will be taught by Nachi Education Committee member Rob O’Connor and Nachi member Bill Smith. For more info log onto the ARES web site http://www.americanrealestateschool.com or call the school at 631-724-8844.

Congratulations Bill,

I wish you and Rob much success in this venture, I know you are delivering quality education to new inspectors there on Long Island.



Thanks Gerry - I’m looking forward to the course. I’m learning alot just preparing for it. :smiley:

I love that big logo you find when you scroll down on this page: http://www.americanrealestateschool.com/inspectionlic.htm

Gotta love the big logo :smiley:

Good Luck boys !!!


Thanks Mic.