NYS will accept online courses

NYS will accept courses approved from Out of State Education. All you have to do is file DOS 1746. Show that the course is approved in another state, send a letter stating you would like the credit and a certificate of completion and they’ll approve it. Just look up what states take NACHI’s online courses and submit your paperwork for approval. It might take a few weeks, so do it ASAP, just in case you file incorrectly, if you require it by 12/31/09 for your license renewel. No need to pay for expensive courses and drive anywhere. All from the comfort of your house.

Jeffrey Pilipczuk writes:

It’s a hot potato in NY.

InterNACHI has tried to get NYS to approve them. They won’t officially, but no one at NYS is stupid enough to officially deny approval either.

Here is why no bureaucrat will dare sign a letter stating that they are not approved:

  1. Classroom courses harm consumers: http://www.nachi.org/classroomsharm.htm No bureaucrat wants to be the one who “harmed consumers” by denying better online education.

  2. The U.S. Department of Education said online education is better than classroom education in a 93 page report from a 12 year study: http://www.nachi.org/online-beats-classroom.htm Pretty hard to argue with that.

  3. InterNACHI’s course are already approved by many other states. See right column of www.nachi.org/education.htm

  4. About one inspector (or his/her client) per year in NY gets killed or seriously injured on an inspection (usually from improper ladder use). The next time I find out about a death or injury in NY, we are taking a www.nachi.tv camera crew straight to the bureaucrat who rejected our free, online *Safety Practices for the Home Inspector *course and ask him/her, with cameras rolling, if he/she is responsible for the accident and why the course approval was denied. We plan to plaster the interview all over the internet… Michael Moore style.

Anyway, #4 is the main reasons it is a hot potato in NY and the reason that even though NY hasn’t approved our online course… no one at NYS dare deny approval either.

Will they be accepting online for initial licensing too?

The intial requirements for Home Inspector Licensing appear to be more rigid than the continuing education requirements. There are always exemptions and exceptions, it can’t hurt to ask.

The reason that I ask is that NJ is one of the more strict states with live classes. If that starts to crack in other states, maybe there is hope for future HI’s in New Jersey.

All of InterNACHI’s free, online courses are already approved in New Jersey: http://www.nachi.org/newjerseyapprovesinternachi2008.htm

So If I have this correct. I can now take the on-line course approved from another state and submit it to New York using form DOS 1746 and NY will take it. Is there a cost involver ( New York has to get a cut some where)

I know that they HAVE accepted online courses. You have to make sure you follow the directions on the form and send them the appropriate paperwork. It’s always better to send them MORE paperwork than less.

My understanding through the grapevine is that they are accepting this “backdoor” method of approving online education because they are already in the process of updating the licensing rules to accept online education officially.

Classroom home inspection courses harm consumers.

I just tried to find form dos 1746 for the last 45 minutes. Does any one have a copy of this form or know how to get one. Any help would be appreciated. I still have a little time to meet my continuning education needs and I already have taken some of my needs in a classroom. Thanks tim

here ya go


Just downloaded it. Thanks. That was super. Tim

I’m not sure this works, but its worth a try. I have been taking classes at CATS of Albany with Dan Osborn. Very well put together course!! I have 1 module left for class work, and 4 more mock home inspection reports to complete. I am glad I took the course from Dan, especially in regards to proper report writing.

NY is NOT accepting on-line courses of any type, whatsoever, even if they are accepted for CEUs in other states.