O.K. who won the Laptop

who, who, who.


did you todd?

I think so.

Here are your numbers: 485313 to 485332 (all numbers in-between).

thanks again,


Congrats Todd!

Thank you! I really needed a new one.:cool:

***Ok, ***

After the winning tickets were pulled, they were scanned and verified that they were legit. Don’t ask me why, Blaine might have been bored. The tickets were checked and confirmed by Gary’s list and confirmed also

Laptop winner Todd Allen
T-shirt/coffee winner Mike Gault
Coffee winner Todd Allen

Yeah, Todd almost had a hat trick.

By next week he should be surfing the net on his new LT and drinking some awesome coffee

Again, too all that bought a ticket or two or more, thank you. These last two raffles will allow us to furnish another 30 alarms to families on the waiting list. Raffles are done again for awhile, unless I can come up with something exciting like an 07 Vette or other useful vehicle. I went to the local Chevy dealership and tried to talk them into one. I pushed, begged and pleaded but the best thing that they would consider was a 72 Vega,supposedly driven by a little old lady only on the weekends. We passed and told them that the Ford dealership offered a 74 Pinto.

Thank you all, we appreciate the support and help


From an old J Farsetta Posting…

Got the coffee and the T-Shirt yesterday.

Thanks Paul…

Outstanding cause, I’m happy to have helped :smiley:

What raffle was this?

Received the coffee yesterday… Sweet:D

Still waiting on the laptop…

How about a 74 Dodge Dart Swinger