Is OAHI/CAHPI about to implode?

I’ve just received a message from a candidate member who has been demoted to applicant status because the OAHI board of education stated that the courses at Humber College are no longer valid. Yet when you check the OAHI website it states categorically that they are.

Then I have another senior member of the OAHI team send me an email from Pam Sayne that suggests OAHI are and have been for some time in contravention of the Act that created them, yet never told anyone. Then she suggests that they are now a division of CAHPI and always have been suggesting that the Act was only given to OAHI because of this. They suggest that the reason for all of this is that it gives members the member benefit of being able to use the CAHPI SoP. (Member benefit!! come on since when has a Standard of Practice been a member benefit, it is a membership requirement!)

These are the associations that have proclaimed themselves to be high and mightier that all else yet they seem to be a shambles of indecision, with self-serving internally politically motivated policies that have no real direction for the associations or the members offering nothing but confusion to the home inspection profession and consumer alike yet seemingly lining their own pockets at the expense of hard pressed inspectors.

Lets see where this thread goes.

When you have few real benefits. See: http://www.nahi.org/membership/benefits-of-membership/ Especially the second one on that list. LOL!

Now this is a real member benefits page: www.nachi.org/benefits.htm from a real inspector trade association!

From Hansard records: Finally, I’d like to discuss what will be the effect of passage of Bill 158.

The bill, if passed, will, first, establish an Ontario non-profit corporation, the members of which will include the current members of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors and which will therefore represent home inspectors throughout the province. This association would operate independently of both the Canadian Association of Home Inspectors and the American Society of Home Inspectors and would set entrance requirements, discipline its members and establish education requirements specific to Ontario.

Unfortunately that does not seem to be the case.


Why does Canada have so many inspection associations? Other than some state associations, we only have two in the U.S. (one huge one and one small one). I can’t even keep track of them all in Canada.

Nick, although OAHI and CAHPI concern the Ontario boundary, each Canadian province can enforce their own Real Estate law sovereignty.

It is clear that the association which attracts most Canadians is no other than InterNACHI.

InterNACHI is flexible enough and has the most to offer all its members and the whole population no matter what territory they are from.


I like the fact that connecting on Facebook is a “benefit” of being a member!

Awful…just awful