OAHI Discipline Committee - Conflict

Its always reassuring to know the leadership in OAHI is on the ball.

The new DPPC chair is also a director on the BOD of OAHI. Thats a definite conflict of interest. The DPPC is suppose to be at arms length from the BOD for good reason.

It would also appear that OAHI is having problems staffing the DPPC given the seriousness of the financial issues OAHI is having.

I pity the members of OAHI who are continually duped into thinking OAHI is going somewhere. The only place its going is down.

I also pity the public because they cannot be assured their complaints will be dealt with impartially.

Discipline & Professional Practices

Mandate: To consider any member complaint from the public and to investigate and consider the conduct of any member. To inquire whether any member has committed any infringement of the bylaws or has otherwise been guilty of conduct unbecoming to a member.

**David Cook - Chair **
Jeff Glanfield
Laurel Harris
Mike Lipczynski
Trevor Welby-Solomon