OAHI Education Conference

OAHI Education Conference.

Stage West Hotel and Conference Centre

5400 Dixie Road, Mississauga ON L4W 4T4

This year’s event is packed with new educational topics, excellent tours and an exciting venue with lots to do and see for the whole family. Breakfast and Lunch will be provided both days with a Gala Awards luncheon on Saturday. Saturday evening you are free to take in a great show at Stage West or enjoy the many sites and sounds that Toronto has to offer.

Educational topics for Saturday and Sunday include:

Insurance 101 - do you know what you’re covered for?
A PDI Gone Bad - and why the purchaser did not buy,
Basement Apartments – a fire code issue and what you need to know from a fire code inspector’s perspective,
Effective Inexpensive Marketing Techniques - for any economic situation,
Century Homes - foundation defects and remediation options,
Commercial Inspections – what’s involved and how it can help you increase your business revenue,
Energy Star Homes - how they’re rated and what you need to know,
Water Wells - quality and testing problems,
Septic Systems Problems,
Legal Case Studies,
A Presentation by Green Savers
TIPRs - if you plan on going through one soon are you prepared?
Hydronic Systems, Combo Furnaces, Electrical Issues, Radon Inspections and more…

16 CEU’s will be issued for attending both days Sat/Sun - and if you include either the Tech Tour or the Home Inspection it will be 20

Don’t forget the first 75 full conference paying members to sign up will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a Garmin Nuvi GPS Navigator. If you are not successful in that draw your name will be re-entered in a draw for a chance to win one of 5 Blue-Tooth head sets.

I think the Garmin Nuvi should be donated to the BOD so they can find their way out of the rut they find themselves in!

RHI is meaningless because OAHI will not back it up as per PR 158, they don’t want to expose their negligent well documented abuses! :mrgreen:

RHI - Relative Happiness Index! :mrgreen:

Hey David, why don’t you ask on the CAFE how members feel about having RHI rendered irrelevant? Or how about asking why OAHI committed to paper vis-a-vis appeal findings that now they don’t wish to live upto? Or why they are continuing to fight Cam Allen for $1200 or why they removed Mr. Mullen contrary to the bylaws, or why Gerry Quackenbush breached his signed confidentiality agreement and knowingly posted false information about Cam Allen, or why the DPPC seems to overlook abuses that it is mandated via the bylaws to investigate?

Or how about how they signed a five year lease unbenouced to the membership and how they spent thousands of dollars on lease hold improvements which were untendered, and how they bought thousands of dollars worth of equipment unbenounced to the members, or why no one has seen the last quarterly report on finances (and earlier quarterly reports) or a 2009 budget. How are members to carry out their due diligence given that no one has critical financial info OAHI is obligated to provide prior to renewal and significant membership fee increases?

BTW: Who is leading the TIPR session?

Claude, Where is my $300 and why won’t OAHI live up to a signed document? RHI is irrelevent and what is OAHI now going to do about my misuse? Did you ever get reimbursed the $3K OAHI stiffed you for?


I see that OAHI’s favourite son, Terry Carson is ‘leading’ this session.

That’s interesting on a number of levels.

  1. The TIPR process was developed by CAHPI National through the NCA, and only NCA Examiners are trained, qualified and accredited to ‘lead’ these sessions. There are many forms and documents to become familiar with as well. Like anything else that should be done right, there are extablished Policies and Procedures to follow.

  2. Mr. Carson has not taken any training and has never been accredited to perform a TIPR Examination. I have no doubt he could do this and pass with flying colours, but he has not yet applied to do so. He is being portrayed as an expert on a subject with which he is not familiar.

  3. In other words, he’ll make it up as he goes. Unfortunately, the information he gives the attendees just might not be relevant to what they really need to know to be successful.

  4. Experienced and accredited Examiners know what areas have caused applicants problems and they know where people have slipped up. Not being an Examiner, Mr. Carson can only guess about these things.

Bill Mullen

Terry Carson gets credit for destroying any validity RHI had, let alone OAHI.

Here this will explain how things run under Terry Carsons MO.

Terry Carson is the reason RHI is irrelevant and why OAHI is now meaningless! http://www.raymondwand.ca/OAHIAppeal.pdf

Looks like Mr. Carson is falsifying and promoting false credentials. That is a serious matter worthy of a complaint and investigation!

Bill I truly hope you forward this very serious matter to Mr. Ron Segal OAHI counsel of record so that he cannot say he did not know what was going on!

It sure is interesting when someone like Terry Carson claims to be qualified. This is the same person who attempted to extort monies from me, with the back up of his BOE committee. He should be reported and investigated. Mr. Carson would have a higher standard given his positions and roles within OAHI!

David, this thread has exactly what to do with InterNACHI?

Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

It has to do with this and the fact that OAHI is not going to do anything to stop misuse of RHI and the logo by members who have been subject to extortion and other demands contrary to well established bylaws. http://www.raymondwand.ca/OAHIAppeal.pdf

HA GOTCHA! Seriously, I know what you mean, as you stated before this is related to the home inspection industry.
I have seen some pretty negative statements for and against not just these two organizations and feel the best way to move things forward is to be part of the movement forward.

I do feel OAHI has some great things to offer this industry ( I would be pretty stupid to be part of the Education committee, if I felt otherwise) just as much as InterNACHI has to offer.
That is why I am a member and will continue to be a member of both.

And Nick, I will promote OAHI as a member of a member of InterNACHI just as I have and will promote InterNACHI as a member of OAHI.

Bottom line is I (most important:mrgreen:) you and several others who I have great respect for will continue to promote the industry in whatever way we can.


I think any opportunity to expand our knowledge is a good thing, no matter who is offering it. Being a member of OAHI and InterNachi, I take most of the education and certification opportunities, no matter which organization is offering it. Bettering both my business and my education is what is more important, rather than choosing a political side. As a member of both organizations, I equally defend and promote each of them, because each of them have their own merit.

Laurie Jamieson
Eagle Eye Property Consultants

You could not have said it better! This is what makes the industry (not a political side) look better. We all need open minds and not just to receive, but what we can all impart. And I see many a great inspector impart some information that I wish I had earlier.

Knowledge is power.

I hope you file a DPPC complaint! This is very unethical to be publically claiming to be an accredited TIPR examiner, given Mr. Carson superior holier than thou attitude and other pontifications of an elletist!

As to item 2 you are too generours to state he could pass. No one knows that considering he hasn’t been reviewed himself by his peers. What this appears to be is a case of Mr. Carson being disgruntled and an open opponent of Nat. Cert. Sour grapes, and his openly hostile and contemptable display two years ago at CAHPI conference in Collingwood where he embarassed OAHI and himself infront of CMHC reps.

I looked through this thread and noticed (no one has caught me yet either)
I never posted the dates…
Mark your calendars for March 6-8 2009 for the OAHI Education Conference.

Stage West Hotel and Conference Centre

5400 Dixie Road, Mississauga ON L4W 4T4**


By**: **Julie Slack

January 30, 2009 08:09 PM -

More than 500 home inspectors working across the province are now calling Mississauga home.
The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors has located its new head office at 1515 Matheson Rd. E.
The group celebrated its grand opening yesterday with an open house attended by Mayor Hazel McCallion.
CEO Aubrey LeBlanc said it’s an important day for the association because prior to having a head office, they operated out of file boxes.

The head office gives people a place to make direct contact with inspectors who meet OAHI qualifications, said LeBlanc.
“Let’s face it, anyone can take a shingle, hang it off their home and say they’re qualified to inspect homes,” he said. “Our inspectors have met certain requirements that make them reliable and professional.”

The new office space will also allow the association to train new inspectors and provide ongoing education for its members.
Right now, the federal government is outsourcing inspection of some of its initiatives like Green Saver, a program for homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient. The association’s inspectors have taken on most of these inspections, said LeBlanc.

OAHI can also provide homeowners with inspections prior to and after renovation and expansion projects.
“People are spending a lot of money on the work and they don’t always trust the trade,” said LeBlanc.
For resale homes the bulk of OAHIs work the goal of the inspector is to provide the purchaser a list of items that aren’t up to snuff.

“We’re not out to kill real estate deals,” said LeBlanc.
Water penetration is the most common problem home inspectors find, he said. And it can happen in both new or re-sale homes.

“People count on building inspectors to make sure a home is built to code,” said McCallion. “They’re essential to homeowners today.”


OOOOOoooops… I think her Worship the Mayor missed the point about home inspections.