OAHI falling revenues and dismal renewals

I was talking to a OAHI senior member, and OAHI’s latest financial statements paint a very dismal picture. Falling revenues and another decline in renewals which were due July 1, 2011.

With so many associations to choose from and Nachi providing so much for so little its understandable why people are jumping ship from OAHI.

A cry has gone out for volunteers once more only to be met with skepticism from the members who are timid to volunteer given there is no democracy and a clique which runs OAHI in order to line the chosen few pockets, members are finally seeing diminishing returns.

Non tendered contracts, an expensive CEO who has his head in the sand, high overheads, discriminatory practices, and expensive rent for office space and a do nothing office staff, its no wonder.

And the fact that the NCI - New Construction Inspection program which cost members stupid enough to take it has been a flop, Tarion makes no mention of it on their website, likely due to the fact Tarion has inside information about the state of affairs in OAHI.


Home builders do not want OAHI inspectors anywhere near their properties and for good reason.

Hopefully the usual suspects who complain that I am a complainer will remain in their holes whilst they themselves continue to ***** and complain about the shortcomings.

As far as we can tell, OAHI is a scam. We’ve written them several times asking them to reveal where their membership benefits list is hidden, and got no reply.

Too funny Nick.

Don’t feel bad they ignore the members too! But they are eager to take the members money. :mrgreen:

I have a OAHI associate that has decided to call Himself Certified because he has not met the qualification of Registered home Inspector. I have talked to him to have his Certified words removed and put Certificate on his advertized brochure and put Associate of OAHI. The reason I am upset about this is not because of his competing for HI but the confusion with the public.:shock: Same is occurring with new Certified InterNachi Inspectors that have not met the basic qualifications to do inspections. We need to have clear distinction between the designations and Ontario needs to recognize the other heavy weight InterNachi.:frowning:
OAHI is going down like a sack of potatoes.

I have news for your friend anyone in the Registry is entitled to use RHI. OAHI has been in breach of PR 158 since its inception because of the clique that runs OAHI.

I see the usual hypocrites who deride me and others for ******** about OAHI and yet those same people complain about the faltering state of OAHI and lack of response and accounting have renewed for yet another year.

One must ask themselves who the the real losers are.

 		 		 	 		The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors has applied for special legislation to become incorporated for the purpose of carrying out its objects, to enable it to govern and discipline its members and to grant to its members the right to the exclusive use of the designations “Reg- istered Home Inspector” and “R.H.I.“.

**12. (1) Every member of the Association whose name appears in the register may use the designations “Registered Home Inspector” and “R.H.I.“. **

Until it changes on the Web sight at OAHI he will be hooped if he calls himself a Registered Home Inspector.
They have him by the balls and will not let go.:mad:

Just stand up to the OAHI dictators and they will melt I did and won . They spent $35,000;00 and I won They then Paid $1,000;00 of my Lawyers fees of $1,600;00 .
They have not challenged any one since that I know of and I use RHI never had a complaint , No longer a OAHI/CAHPI member as I and many others know they and their directors are just out for the money .
Looks to me like many more have not renewed this summer .

Roy Cooke … RHI… CHI…CMI

Actually I have OAHI by the balls…

 		 		 	 		 			9. (1) The board of directors shall cause the  name of a member to be removed from the 


		a) if the member requests or gives written consent to the removal; 
		b) if the name has been incorrectly entered; 
		c)if notification is received of the member’s death; or 
		d)if the registration of the member has been suspended or revoked through disciplinary proceedings. 

Remember anyone OAHI takes to task in provincial court for supposed misuse or RHI is futile and will cost OAHI big bucks to do so, with any fines imposed by the court going to the crown. OAHI doesn’t get one red cent from the action, other than a big legal bill from the lawyer representing OAHI.

I was the one for overseeing the person OAHI took to task as a result of Rudolf Ruesse laying a private complaint with regards to a former member and director using RHI after he left OAHI.

That member ended up paying a $1500 fine to the court and OAHI was left with a $35,000 legal bill. The ex member could have been faced with a maximum of $5,000 fine but through my direction OAHI decided not to appeal the conviction due to costs. OAHI did not relize they rec’d no proceeds from the fine. :mrgreen:

Now they don’t have two cents to rub together and can only pee into the wind.