OAHI Financial Questions

Hey all you OAHI members who come here to read whats goin on.

I hope those astute enough to understand the bylaws are asking questions about why your Association is in breach of its bylaws it promised the Ontario legislature it would uphold.

For instance why do you suppose OAHI has not released any 4th quarter statements as required by its bylaws for the years 2005, 2006, and so far 2007?

Why do you suppose the members have not seen the 2006 Budget but only the draft budget for 2006 which was shown at the AGM? Why are they in breach of the bylaws in this regard and why has precendence been broken in providing this info as in the past?

Why do you suppose Mr. Lloyd President of OAHI is on record as stating: *"*The minutes as well as the financials are availabe only at the office for viewing." Why do you suppose the President would tell a lie to the membership?

Why do you suppose OAHI would not be up to date on critical information that members are required to have?

Do you know the full extent of where your money is going and who is being paid what for what?

I’d be interested to know if any OAHI members have received what they have a right to know. I imagine the lack of answers can be your assurance that OAHI members have not seen anything.