OAHI in a tail spin.

I have heard from several reliable sources, that there is a new association of home inspectors being formed in Ontario as a result of OAHI mismanagement of its financial affairs and accountability, (no quarterly reports, no 2006 budget, deferred revenue issues, falling membership numbers, etc) and its inability to ensure members rights are not abused as they have been contrary to the bylaws and Pr 158.

It was also stated that some of the directors are considering resigning to remove themselves from any liability they may incur due to the financial irregularities and other decisions which they have partaken in which may come back to haunt them legally as the bylaws do not protect them from negligent decisions/actions.

Upto half of OAHI members who have had enough of the lies and deceit may well leave.

There are also two committees which bare some responsibility in aiding and abetting the BOD in their attempt to stifle members rightful inquires and those members rights to due process.

There was also concern that OAHI should conduct and pay for a full forensic audit, in an attempt to right the wrongs, before the OPP are called into investigate and before the government steps in and appoints a temporary overseer while OAHI is investigated for breach of Pr 158 and its bylaws.

Thanks Ray you just made my day.
You and I and others have been pushing this for years .
I left OAHI when I saw they had no creditability and three elections where not run correctly.
I saw how great NACHI is and how much they do for all Home Inspectors and I joined never been sorry.
I loved OAHI and never missed a meeting and enjoyed many of the great inspectors .
I wish those who are trying to improve things all the best and hope they succeed.
… Cookie

You guys popping corks yet??


It actually is quite sad that this is happening. I would have loved to be a member of OAHI but the Bull$hit that I was hearing from members discouraged me.Now with Roy and Ray filling in more blanks I’m happy I stayed away.


Do you know any fat ladys who like to sing? :mrgreen:

Am I glad, not in the least this has to be a very sad time for the Ontario Inspection industry.
This is a Black time that should never have happened.
Some times things have to hit bottom before they get better.
I hope this is as quick and painless as possible.
This should never have happened unfortunately a few strong willed people do not want to see changes.
… Cookie

If the rumours are true, and that, granted is a big IF, this development cannot bode well for the Home Inspection industry in Ontario. Let us not forget that O.A.H.I. with all it’s faults is still the only organized oposition to the steam roller we know as the national. If O.A.H.I. collapses that leaves nobody to stand on guard for we.

I, like Mario, would have loved to have been a member of O.A.H.I. but was turned away by the combination of attitude, B.S. and the old boys network. If there is in fact a new association forming let us hope that it is not manned by the same persons who are, apparently jumping ship from O.A.H.I. and who were largely responsible for the very conditions that kept most of us as non-members.

George, et al.

Its no longer organized from what I am hearing. They are hiding the financial info because there is quite a bit to hide for a reason.

You may be able to join the new association I would not rule that out.
The new association will not be manned by the same persons that kept non members out. Those people still remain and are responsible for the current state of affairs in Oahi.

It seems everyone wants the industry to speak with one voice and be treated equally, everyone that is but certain parties within OAHI.

This from the President of OAHI regarding the financial info and trying to make excuses which quite frankly don’t wash.

The reality is they are taking this approach because of the irregularities they do not wish to account to the membership for. Protect the membership from you and your boards repeated negligence!

Thats nonsense! There is no private member information anywhere in the financial statements. Further other self regulating bodies publish their financial statements on their website for the public to see.

Violate the Act? Thats a good one. No one is in any violation of any Act for seeking answers that are rightfully owed. However the board has clearly been caught lying and in breach of the Act Pr 158.

Why would anyone be required to leave and be called gutless when its Mr. Lloyd and party hiding the info that the members have a right to be appraised of? After all its their money and not that of the BOD or Mr. Lloyd, they are custodian of the funds. I think Mr. Lloyd should be the one leaving for his negligence and inability to account for the funds, along with his cohorts on the BOD! Why would anyone leave if their convictions happen to be correct? Mr. Lloyd sure likes to make excuses and divert attention from the real issue.

Wrong again Mr. Lloyd. You got caught sending out discipline letters and threatening to report members to ASTTBC for misuse of CHI. Only to have ASTTBC state and prove you wrong because you can’t read and did it out of spite, animosity and abuse of your office.

Your on Mr. Lloyd. I suggest you get on the phone to the Oahi legal counsel and you have him file court papers based on your wacky assessment! The fact is you are so off base as are your other wacky excuses you are the one who is going to be facing some very tough questions along with your directors for dilberately misleading the membership and your lame excuses for trying to subvert your fiduciary duties by trivializing the misfeance you have brought to the association.

Please take responsibility along with your directors and stand up and be a man and take responsibility you keep making excuses for.

Ray, I hope you are right and that those who are responsible for the supposed demise of OAHI are not the same principals involved in organizing this new mystery association. You cannot teach old dogs new tricks and I fear that those who have approved of the use of “student”, " associate" etc. etc. and set the policies that have kept most inspectors out of OAHI, if involved with the formation of any new association, will bring their wicked ways with them.

Only time will tell, I do expect that a new broom will sweep clean .
… Cookie

It turns out OAHI got some legal advice about the use of RHI and what Pr 158 states about anyone in the Registry being entitled to use RHI, only to find out that what I have stated all along is true, Students, Applicants and Associates are permitted to use RHI! So OAHI took Pr 158 and applied RHI improperly all these years to suit its own agenda. A direct violation of the Act!

"I do expect that a new broom will sweep clean ."

**It has been my experience that the new broom only sweeps where it’s operator points it.


Hey Bill or Claude

I see OAHI is planning on reformulating some of its qualifications and they are saying that Associate status is the same as Nationally Cert. How can that be given that one must complete two TIPR examinations?


Apparently as they realign their requirements, OAHI will raise the ‘Associate’ requirements to include what they need now plus:

  • Two TIPR examinations taken at least three months apart
  • 150 fee paid inspections
  • Must be in practice for at least one year.

If they do so, they can then apply to the National Certification Authority for an Equivalency comparison. If the independant consultants find that the new requirements meet or exceed the NCP and if OAHI signs an Equivalency Agreement with the NCA, then and only then will the Associate level be equal. However, the NCA will make that decision, not OAHI. In addition, OAHI has to meet some other requirements in governance, etc. that they are still not doing.

If the Associate level is found to be at least as stringent as the NCP, that’s great. What most people don’t realize is that the NCP was never designed to be the highest standard in the country of any province. It has always been designed to be an acceptably high, rigourous and defensible level of competence that cross-Canada companies and associations could rely on.

If you follow the OAHI Cafe, I was very vocal last week about the confusing manner in which this was announced.

Bill Mullen

Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Did CAHPI have an election at the Collingwood conference. I see there are some new people on the CAHPI board from Ontario. Some familiar faces?


The CAHPI National Board of Directors always elects its executive officers at the annual AGM/Conference. They are selected from sitting members of the board who have in turn either been appointed or elected by their provincial members. I believe OAHI is the only one left which does not elect their reps to the CAHPI Board.

The Ontario reps are Tom Lloyd, Graham Clark and Wayne Christopher.

The new CAHPI National Executive is:
President - Bill Sutherland - CAHPI BC
VP - Tom Lloyd - CAHPI Ontario
Secretary - Bridget Wingate - CAHPI Alberta
Treasurer - Blaine Swan - CAHPI Atlantic
Past President - Michael Guihan - CAHPI Atlantic

Thanks Bill.

Its unfortunate that Oahi has chosen to appoint again without consulting the members. The same players who are part and parcel of knowingly denying the members the information on the finances and denial of members rights with intent.


Famous quotes by not so famous leaders!


Strange coming from the person who has witheld vital relative rightful info from the membership, and violated members rights, and due process. Not to mention the Jack Booted Committee members who are in Goose step with their derilect morally bankrupt leader!

I guess the contract the members signed with the association do not come with the same contractual obiligations and non delivery of promised membership rights.

Do you know where your dues and other monies are within OAHI, have they been properly accounted for? If so please let me know and the others who are very concerned about the lack of accounting and the breach of bylaws.

I would like to welcome Rudolf Reusse to the Nachi board.

Rudolf was a long term member of OAHI and former DPPC Chair, he is no longer a member of OAHI, but I see he visits here regularly, and I would like to welcome him here and would be interested in his views.

Rudolph please feel free to post your thoughts, this board is free from censorship, and seeing as you are no longer an OAHI member you are free from being persecuted for freedom of thougth, expression and freedom of association.

Best regards,