OAHI incentive

OAHI has raised membership renewal fees $50, but in the same breath in a recent news letter categorically states it will reduce the renewal fee if current members renew!

Once again there seems to be much confusion amongst voting members of OAHI (RHI’s and Associates) as to how to use and complete the proxy forms.

For those of you not savvy enough to complete the proxy let alone how to use them, do not complete proxy B, it can be misused.

Your best option is to complete proxy A wherein you must confirm or reject the motions and resolutions.

Bill Mullen will you and your friends be bold enough to attend the AGM and stand up and be counted and call for a forensic audit?

Will you let your mouth piece Robert Herman stand up and be counted again, while Rome burns? :mrgreen:

The way I read it was that fees would be increased by $50.00 but any member that attends the AGM and votes or votes by proxy will get a $50.00 credit.

Man what a bunch of loosers…Do thay really think their members are that stupid.


YES - management is deceptive and the membership have their collective heads up each others arses.