OAHI Out Of Control - Bylaws Breached - Documented Proof

[FONT=Arial]FROM: Admissions Review Committee/Board of Examiners[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]SUBJECT: Re-instatement as a Retired Member to Registered Home Inspector (RHI)[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Committee Comments & Decision:[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Please be advised that the Admissions Review Committee has accepted your request for re-instatement as a Registered Home Inspector (RHI) upon satisfactory completion of the following:[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]1.[/FONT][FONT=Arial]Complete the 2008 membership renewal application mailed to you as a Retired Member and mail it with the payment indicated on the application to be received before December 31, 2007 in order to maintain your current status until all requirements have been completed.
[FONT=Arial]2.[/FONT][FONT=Arial]Mail two recent non-fee paid inspection reports to the OAHI address Attn: Report Verification Committee with the verification fee of $68.90 before February 28, 2008.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]3.[/FONT][FONT=Arial]Complete the OAHI Defect Recognition & Reporting Course before June 30, 2008.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]4.[/FONT][FONT=Arial]Submit proof of 20 CEU’s (from January 2006 onward) to cover the 2 years retired period. Twenty additional CEU’s will become due two years following the reinstatement date. The OAHI Defect Recognition & Reporting Course can not be counted as CEU’s.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]5.[/FONT][FONT=Arial]When the abovementioned has been completed, please remit the difference of 2008 dues from Retired Member to RHI ($450.00 + GST for RHI less $75.00 + GST Retired = $375.00 + GST) and complete the upgrade membership application.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Your name will be published on the 20 Day Upgrade Notice for RHI once your reports have been successfully verified, the Defect Recognition & Reporting Course has been completed, the 20 past owing CEU’s has been submitted and the upgrade application has been processed and completed.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Please note that in the interim period as a RHI-Retired, you are not permitted to perform fee paid home inspections, advertise the same or use the names, Ontario Association of Home Inspectors, OAHI, CAHPI-Ontario, CAHPI, Registered Home Inspector, RHI or associated logos, before reinstatement of RHI Member status. You can only state that you are “RHI Retired”. [/FONT]

Admissions Review Committee/Board of Examiners

cc: OAHI Office

Established by the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors Act, 1994Box 38108, Castlewood R.P.O., Toronto, Ontario M5N 3A8
Telephone: (416) 256-0960 or 1-888-RHI-OAHI (744-6244)
Email: oahi@oahi.com Fax: (905) 771-1079
Web Site: www.oahi.com

Note****: ****Please be advised that as per the OAHI bylaws, the delivery of Course Confirmations / Exam Results, Academic Assessment results, etc. via electronic mail shall be considered sufficiently given when delivered to the last email address as given to the Association office and as recorded in the records of the Association.

Also the attachments below where attached to the email from Oahi. Not posted due to size are attachement titled:

Membership Upgrade Application
Registration Form Defect Recognition Course 2008

Two more files sent to me with original email.





You got off easy. I had to give them my first born grandson when I got reinstated.

Bill Mullen

Bill, was his name Cam Allen? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :shock:

I offered them Cam but they refused. It seems he’s not terribly popular with some of them.

Bill Mullen

So strange how OAHI acts .
We can hope it improves in the near future for the betterment of all home inspectors .

Not one of those conditions is stated in the bylaws! What is even more disturbing is for some twit like Terry Carson to be making up the bylaws in order to get rid of me! Whats even more disturbing is the fact Andrew Bennett is President of M.A.T.T.O who given his position on the BOE/AR should be very cognizant of how the bylaws are to obeyed. Do you think he would abuse his position of trust with AATO? I some how doubt it.

Mr. Carson and Mr. Bennett please put your money where your big egos and mouths are and anyone else on the BOE/BOD/lawyer who thinks they can abuse the bylaws. I dare you to show me the bylaws where they state your rights to demand what you have asked for.

Further is Mr. Ron Segal the OAHI legal counsel going to jeoprodize his legal standing by remaining silent given what he already has been informed about given that this email from OAHI is proof positive OAHI has overstepped its own rules?

Also I am concerned there is fraud being covered up within OAHI and that is why the finances are not being given to the members or the board has lied to the OAHI members by stating that the financial info is at Mr. Segals office which they are not.

Notice how they left out the bylaw attachment in their email? I guess they didn’t want me reading what my rights are! :mrgreen:

Here is my reply to OAHI.

It went out to the following people plus a few others!

Subject: Academic Assessment - Re-instatement from Retired Member to Registered Home Inspector (RHI)
From: Raymond <rwand@rogers.com>
Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2007 11:59:41 -0500
To: “V.P. Glen Gogal” <g.gogal@sympatico.ca>, Treasurer Phillip Bottriel <mail@propertyinspection.ca>,
President Tom Lloyd <dakotaman@sympatico.ca>, Wendy Gelman OAHI Registrar <oahi@oahi.com>, Chief
Operating Officer <aubreyleblanc@rogers.com>, Director Brian Harris <qhis@rogers.com>, Director Gerry
Quackenbush <Gerry@GTAinspections.com>, Secretary David Faux <dfaux@dsgi.on.ca>, OAHI Legal
Counsel Ronald Segal <rsegal@blumbergs.ca>, Director Wayne Christopher
<wayne@christopherhomeinspection.com>, Director Doug Azar <azarvett@magma.ca>, Director Alrek
Meipoom <info@keystoneinspections.ca>, Chair BOE Andrew Bennett <abinspect@ca.inter.net>, Committee
member BOE Terry Carson <info@guardianhomeinspectors.com>, Committee member BOE Andrew Dixon
<yourhomeinspector@rogers.com>, Committee member BOE Andrew Radomski
<mailto:andrew.radomski@bellnet.ca>, Raymond <rwand@rogers.com>, Pierre Thibodeau
<pierre.thibodeau@bellnet.ca>, Graham Clarke <graham@carsondunlop.com>, Robin Green
<cbis.rgreen@sympatico.ca>, Harry Janssen <inspect@accuratehome.com>, Jeff Clarke
<info@bakerstreet-hi.ca>, Alan Carson <carson@carsondunlop.com>, Henry Blumberg
<henry@blumbergs.ca>, Mark Blumberg <mark@blumbergs.ca>

Thank you for your email reply dated November 30, 2007 along with the attachments.

I have reviewed the bylaws and cannot find any relevant sections which state or require of me the demands you have made. Perhaps the Board of Examiners, Mr. Segal, or the Board of Director would care to provide the relevant sections of the bylaw or provide the policies which direct or give authority to these demands?

However, I did find section Article 12 (16) Committees, and Article 15 Appeals Committee which grant me the right to appeal. Also Article 19 of the bylaws is an interesting read. Have you read it along with the complete bylaws? I have attached a copy of the OAHI bylaws just in case none of you have ever read them. Are these sections of the bylaw going to be honored or denied placing OAHI in a legally compromised position, open to court review?

May this letter inform you that I wish to exercise my rights as afforded under the bylaws to appeal these decisions which appear to have been made without regard to the bylaws.

Further please note that a Registered Letter will be sent stating my wish to appeal these decisions of the Board of Examiners along
with the requisite $300 fee.

By the way did you deliberately leave out the OAHI bylaws because you did not want me to be aware of how the rules are suppose to be followed or was it just an oversight like the rest of the demands?

An immediate reply is requested as is an explanation for why the bylaws have been grossly and negligently breached.

Thank you.

Raymond Wand RHI No. 00029.

Good for you Raymond .
If a few more members would do as you have done and make a stand then I expect things could soon get back to where they should be .
A good dose of common sense is needed by these directors .
I expect they just might come to their senses and see how much this could cost and OAHI will loose for not following proper procedure and their own bylaws.

…Cookie … I expect there will be emails flying around the directors today.

They BOD will feel sick going into an election and trying to expain why they have not followed the OAHI by laws.

Well here is one reply from the Chair of the
Admissions Review Committee / Board of Examiners

Andrew Bennett
Terry Carson
Andrew Dixon
Glenn Gogal
Carl D. Inglis
Andrew Radomski
Doug Silverthorn

and my reply back to Mr. Bennett.

For those who care what the truth is, here is PR 158
Bill Prl58
(Chapter Pr65
Stattites of Ontario, 1994)
An Act respecting the
Ontario Association of Home Inspectors

I guess Mr. Bennett is illiterate.

  • Raymond…*
    *With greatest respect and after following your post’s here and elsewhere for many years, I write this missive to inform you that I am now bestowing upon you the title of " Don " as in Don Quiote.:mrgreen: *


Thats a good one! Thanks for the laugh!

How about; no guts, no glory?

I do not stand alone. :wink:


Brian Not knowing if you have ever been a member of OAHI I wonder how you can say this .
This sort of apathy attitude is what is wrong in many places in this world .
Then we have those who stand up for fair play and proper treatment for all then they get ridiculed by those who care less about these wrong doings.
You left NACHI and now you tend to make fun of those who care about this industry.
You tried to influence what I do and say .
I expect you did mean (Don Quixote](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Quixote), ) not (Don Quiote )
… Cookie

Tilting at windmills is an English idiom which means “attacking imaginary enemies.” The word “tilt,” here, comes from jousting. This idiomatic phrase originated in the novel Don Quixote, and is often used today in reference to persistent engagement in a futile activity. At one point in the novel, Don Quixote fights windmills that he imagines to be giants. Quixote sees the windmill blades as the giant’s arms, for instance. Here is the relevant portion of the novel:

Mr. Wand, first, I am not aware of why I have received this email. Next, from what little of this email I have made time to read, you should read the OAHI act. Specifically 6.
OAHI BOD may pass by-laws.

The rest of this, I do not have time to be bothered with and will not read further communications from Mr. Wand.

You would think more concern than this might be taken in reply to this to at least appear professional.

As a long-standing proud RHI member of CAHPI Ontario, I want to just make a couple of things clear without taking sides right now.

  1. I think Raymond’s issues are with certain individuals on the BOD, the BOE, the DPPC and the Past Presidents’ Council. Unless I am mistaken, he has no issues with the many good CAHPI Ontario members. (except complacency) Those whom he is blaming make up less than 2% of the CAHPI Ontario membership.

  2. All organizations have good and bad members. Unfortunately, sometimes the bad members in some organizations gain and wield too much control.

  3. CAHPI Ontario the association and its good members should not be painted with the same brush as those who have and allegedly are misusing their positions.

  4. Very few people get out of bed in the morning and immediately start trying to think of ways to attack or damage other people.

  5. There are two or three sides to every story.

I mean no disrespect to Raymond or anyone else. All I ask is that everyone should keep an open mind and not conclude that an entire association is evil because of the actions of a few.

Bill Mullen