Changes apparently going on at OAHI this weekend and a break away from Cahpi hopefully more details to follow!

Interesting thanks for the post… Roy

I guess we will have to wait and see. (Fact or rumor???)

“IF” it is truly a break away from CAHPI National it would likely spell the end of CAHPI National, since a large portion of funds to support it derived from BC and Ontario. BC left a while ago, now only time will tell.

That’s unfortunate…

Thanks Scot. Heard this several months back.

It is indeed VERY interesting. If PR65 is repealed, and OAHI don’t get to keep the title RHI, then all RHI’s in OAHI will lose rights to it, as I believe the RHI is a Canadian Trademark owner by CAHPI.

Thanks Len - So it would seem all the more reason for OAHI to stay with CAHPI.

To me the PR (Private Members) Bill was nothing more than protection of a title claimed by OAHI, giving them the right to only regulate “their” members.

Ok no tangible facts except what I was told by a member, Oahi laid it on the line that the $175.00 fee that was to go to Cahpi would be dropped lowering the Oahi membership fee by that amount. I am sure more details will filter through. Again I have no factual info, I am sure more factual info will filter through soon.

The fee reduction is for Members who are not RHIs (Associate, Candidate, Applicant, Student…)

Thanks for the update.

I am with Claude on this, Pat and Scott.
Much thanks.

I heard another side to this that simply OAHI was no longer going to collect the fees assessed for benefit of CAHPI. I’ve heard this sort of discussion before.

I’m not sure if this fact or not, but stating that is what I’ve heard from a OAHI member that attended the AGM.