Obama Says Constitution Flawed

Obama Says Constitution Flawed

Obama has become more bold with his socialist ideas since he thinks he has it in the bag…and he may vary well indeed have it however after 4 years of his Marxist governing…he will be another Jimmy Carter…4 and gone followed by 8 years of conservatism…pity we have to go through it though…I remember interest rates at 21 percent…

Wasn’t his comment about the flawed Constitution refering to slavery and racial in equalities John?

Or can you not find the entire context to post?

Interesting you should ask if its taken out of context Brian:shock: I know thats something you would not do!:wink:

It’s best to listen to the whole thing, then you can find out why he sees the Constitution flawed. I was amazed that for the first time, I heard him speak with minimal ‘ummmsss’, and ‘ahhhhhhsss’. So I got the sense he was secure in his believes.

We do agree with the purpose of the constitution. To protect individual rights; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Also a specific bill of right amendment was tailored to protect private property. However, I oppose his suggestions that we need to limit/remove private property rights, so those “who have” can become equal with those “who have not”.

Once you listen to it, you will understand the cliff notes version of what he is saying, “From each according to his ability to each according to his need”. He feels the Constitution should be stripped of individual/citizen liberty protection from government abuse, and focused on more government liberty for control/abuse of its citizens.

Please listen to it fully, you will hear the reality of Nikita Kruschuv’s, “We shall destroy you from within”. We might be the source of our own civial rights/freedoms demise, in the this election with a new, untested, unevaluated by the media, Marxist candidate.


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