Obama will now be hard to beat in 2012 because...

… the general public understands taking out Osama bin Laden. It is simple. And Obama did a great job in going after him. Our President deserves much credit for a job well done.

But the general public can’t understand the concept of the regressive tax (harms the poor, helps the rich) Obama has levied on them through dollar devaluation via the printing (doubling the money supply) of fiat dollars. They just won’t get it.

I disagree, Nick. The economy, and President Obama’s mis-management of it, and the debt, will be the deciding factor.

Sure, Pres, Obama has continued to follow, and expand upon, Pres Bush’s policies (Preditor attacks, not repealing, in fact, extending, the “Patriot Act”, not closing Gitmo, going with military tribunals rather than “criminal” trials, working to take out Bin Laden (rather than take him alive for trial, or even having him buried) and all the other stuff.

But, in the end, Pres. Obama’s mis-management of economic issues will be his undoing.

Just my opinion (BUT YOU KNOW THAT I AM RIGHT!!!).

Sorry, just had to vent.

When gas goes past $5/gal this summer and unemployment benefits don’t get extended again, the party will be over and Obama election chances will fade.

Of course that means the Repubs have to find a decent candidate.

We have a few years and if the economy takes an upturn with lower gas prices combined with lower unemployment at that time he will beat any of the Tea Party types by a landslide.
Rush Limbaugh today said God Bless Obama.
Mike Savage who despises Obama “today” said God Bless Obama.

Savage said no politicians are good or evil but are self serving.
Obama will see the effect this had on the stock market today and being self serving as every single Republican or Democrat for that matter is will continue down this new path of making us feel good.
Smart for him and smart for us.

When $5 gas happens you will change you tune Bob.

There is no one to blame but Obama for that.

BTW-Rush praised Obama for his continuation of the Bush terrorist policies. :wink:

We are at near that right now with premium around $4.75 here.
What can he do to control gas prices Mike ,since when they got high under Bush you defended the free market.
Are you no longer for a free market economy or have you simply figured you would twist things .

The market was down three points today. Does that have some special meaning to Obama Bob? Just askin. ?

I heard it was up.

Well Bob, I know it’s hard to keep up but you should use some of those late nights to do a little research.

Obama has all but stopped but drilling in the gul, screwed Shell oil out of$4 billion in the arctic by disallowing a permit to drill. You get the idea.

Maybe you forgot that Obama wants high energy prices. He is on record.

President Bush Sr. was the victor in Desert Storm too but he lost in the next election to Bill Clinton over the economy. There were parades in NYC but once the confetti was cleaned up life got back to normal. The American collective memory is about 6 months long, individually about six weeks.

Bush’s popularity was sky high after 9-11 and during our revenge stage. It did not last long once the economy drug him down.

The same with Obama. He will get a bump, but then slide back down.

We shall see if history does indeed repeat or if there is more to what’s going on than us dumb commoners know about.

Mike we went through all this drill baby drill stuff already and I highly doubt any amount begun today would have an effect,plus that oil spill is still being cleaned up after the last incident.

Do you feel the same way about manufacturing as we should also develop more based here eh?

Scary indeed. The guy is a nut case socialist.

They have been saying that about AWAR for over 10 years.

That oil would be in the pipe lone long ago except for the greenies and luddites.

If you want manufacturing here something has to be done about massive the massive disparities in wages and environmental regulations.

Trump’s import tariff is an interesting idea.