Obama's tax hike for the rich may be delayed

Isn’t this an admission that lower taxes for all is good for the economy?


Yeah,he is just breaking his campaign promises early, that’s all! Been there, seen that!

Good for Obama. He got something right before he even starts.

He’s a very smart guy. As has been stated before, we need to worry about the liberal congressional leaders who will be trying to convince him that massive tax increases combined with large scale growth to the entitlement system is the correct path for America. He’s got a tough road ahead and will be pulled from both sides of the aisle…

One would have to wonder if Obama could even compete with the massive entitlement package Bush & company delivered to the Wall Street Fatcats & International Banking Whores. Why just today there was anther twenty-billion siphoned from taxpayers to Citibank with a $100 billion dollar guarantee for their toxic bad debts, a fine friggin’ use of our money don’t you think?

From where I sit, Bush is in a class of his own in regards to massive spending.

Ok, that’s his first promise that was broken, which is typical of a presidential candidate.

Hang in there…there’s more coming. He’s not in office yet and he’s screwing up.


Earth to Joey, Obama has been in full suport of the current bailout moves.

Obama will not reduce spending. You do know that, right?

The system is out of control and when history is written of this era, there will be plenty of blame to go around to pin this current mess on.

But when I see the likes of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd doing the purp walk, I will know we are honest about how we got here.

Mikey, is being in favor of something really the same as as being responsible for what someone else does?

Look at it this way, if by chance someone kicked your *** I might be in favor of it (as long as there was no permanent damage) but I would certainly not be held responsible for an *** whooping you received from someone else, right? :wink:


You can try to insulate Obama from this mess all you want but that dog just won’t hunt.

If there was a true leader who opposed the bailouts(especially a president elect) he would be trying to shape policy not just acquiesce to the current administration’s.

The root of this problem was the credit bubble and lending to those who did not have the means to pay back the loans.

Obama’s favorite org. also ACORN played a part in lending to those who really couldn’t afford a home.

Easy credit has been around a lot longer than the Bush administration and the bill has now come due.

Trouble is we all get to pay even those of us who acted responsibly.