OBC exams are not required Engineers & Architects

Superior Court Justices Smith, Chapnik and Lane issued Reasons for Judgement in the PEO legal challenge against the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing.
The following represents a few quotes from the Reasons for Judgement which summarize much of the decision:
“… the purpose of the two professional Acts (Engineers and Architects) is to regulate the conduct and good character of their members as well as their professional training and competence and this purpose is intended to be exclusive.”
“…as indicated above, parts of the Building Code Act and Building Code appear to duplicate the requirements of the professional Acts.”
“The Professional Engineers Act and the Architects Act already address these issues (and I have already held above that the Lieutenant Governor in Council exceeded his statutory authority by regulating these matters)”
“… it is clear that there is duplication involved here”

OAA officially supported the PEO in their legal challenge under intervenor status in the Fall of 2005. OAA Council at its meeting on June 8, 2006 voted to join the PEO legal challenge and was subsequently granted intervenor status by the Court. The OAA was represented by legal counsel David Moore and Kenneth Jones, who worked along side PEO lawyers Richard Steinecke and Lisa Braverman in advancing this action.
This is a decision of very importance to the engineering and architectural professions, as well as all other self-regulating professions.
Nalliah Thayabharan
Markham ON
Go Sens Go !

Good news for the Engineers as the Architects allready were self regulated.

I fail to see the relevance of this decision based on what brought about the court case. A preamble would be nice and what affect this decision has on home inspectors, as the home inspection business is anything but self regulating.


I went to your site, and I see that you have the PEO logo displayed, are you or any members of your company licenced PEO’s?

Ray !
Last year(2006), 81% of our Revenue came from Commercial Inspections, ESA Phase I & II. I am the only one who is involved with home inspection stuff. The other 3 PEO’s do only ICI & ESA work and engineering consultancy work.
Nalliah Thayabharan
Markham ON


When one goes to your website or that of your company this is what is found. This is why I asked you about being a PE.