OBC Info Sessions

Information Sessions on the new 2006 Building Code


Thanks for the post Ray. I’m a member of OBOA and I registered for this info session when it first was announced, I will now not be able to make it in Toronto on the 8th of sept.Just booked a trip to Mexico need a break!!

Have fun in Mexico!

Thanks Ray!!

Thank Raymond for the info. Signed up for Barrie on the 25th.

I attended the information seminar. The new code will be more flexible on how you go about doing things and the products used. However, I can see it requiring much more time from the building officials if those options are used. While it relieves stress on the current system to approve the use of the ever growing number of new products I can also see this having the potential of bogging down the system at the municipal level. Time will tell.

Paul Hinsperger
Hinsperger Inspection Services
Orangeville Ontario

Hello everyone this is William (bill) King this is my first message I am a new member as of yesterday I’m 27 and just looking to get into the field I’m currently enrolled in a night class 2 days a week and finding it very interesting. I just wanted to say hi to everyone and ask a few questions from time to time on waht you think of the business and the opportunity it brings to a new guy comming into the field. thank you very much for your time
Bill King
Scarborough Ont

Welcome to NACHI Bill.
Enjoy your time here and ask ANY questions you may have.


Welcome!!You are getting into this “field” at the right age. Where are you taking night school courses?