OBC Question

Hey guys,

I’m currently a student at Algonquin College in the Architectural Technology program. For a project we have to design a building under Part 9 conditions of the OBC. Our building will consist of two occupancies; residential and restaurant.
In order to keep the restaurant under Part 9 standards we are limited to 30 seats, which is not enough.
So my question is, if we place the restaurant under part 3 standards, how does that affect the Part 9 residential? Will the building still be considered Part 9?

Your question should be directed to a Building Code Official within your jurisdiction.

Marcel is right on this issue. I would not hold your breath on this one you most likely will not get an answer from the MB. This is OBC territory only.:frowning:

You need to refer to Div B, which describes a part 9 building. it does not allow an A2 assembly occupancy within part 9 regardless of the size. Once you go over 30 seats in a restaurant it becomes an A2 assembly occupancy.

Since it is all within one building the entire building would need to conform with Part 3 of the OBC.

Since no one can answer you you!
Group c d e f all apply to part 9.
not exceeding 600 m2 according to OBC.

hello Jordan,

I am sure you found your answer but if not. If you have a fire separation ( 2 hour I believe for restaurant over 30 seats ) then your building will be Part 3, If you have a fire wall between occupancies then you can have residential under Part 9. It would be considered a separate building.