obstructed rag

a 24x24 ceiling return air grill (rag) was framed & has a joist through the filter compartment…see diagram
in your opinion does this affect system performance?
please expound

obstructed rag.jpg

I think I might rather see this than what may happen if the HVAC installer decided to reframe the ceiling…

cant tell you how many times they’ve just cut the truss out of the way to install and leave it with no added support.

In short no.

Did you open the vent to see if the ductwork was tight around the framing?

It is possible flow could be restricted somewhat. The duct calculation should have taken this in consideration.
However, I believe it is only a minor issue.

I would aagree. Much rather have a stick of wood vs a hack job. Unfortunately the hack is the usual find. The real answer is, does the return meet or exceed minimal sizing for the unit. If the unit calls for a 20x20 then a board should not make that much difference IIMO

I guess it would depend on the direction of flow and if the joist was a partition, and did the airflow run in parallel and reconnect later in the run, or have additional return ducts, or??? Or did the joist just section off creating a 12 x 24 useable (only) opening.

Nope does not

Barry… care to expound on the reason for this thread. I/we all know there is more to this than what you have posted so far. Thx.

It appears that BA may have temporarily left the planet surface…