New Inspector here. Just want some opinions, is this being to picky?

nothing a sawzall couldn’t fix


I dont think you are being too picky. There are codes that require certain clearances in front of meters. While it may not come into play yet, what happens when those tress grow and it becomes difficult to reach the meters and shut offs. I would write it up as information to my client and hopefully he will keep the area trimmed, or he will find out the hard way when the gas needs to be shut off and he cant get to the valve.

Good point about future growth.


Contact your local utilities, they usually are glad to share with you ‘installation’ requirements which has clearance requirements in it.

Just so you can share this with customers, and help them.


The utility will enforce this. If the bush gets too big the meter reader will just start estimating your bill and they always err on the high side. You will also get a nasty note on the door or in your bill. They have knocked on my door and complained. I went after the bush with a machete while the FPL girl was standing there (I hated it anyway)
Told my wife the utility made me do it. :wink: