Occasionally a bone is thrown our way

I did an inspection recently with the clients present. During the inspection the sellers had a new TV delivered to their house to go along with the 3 other new ones they had already got for their new house. They mentioned to my client that they were not taking the 2 TVs in the house. They didn’t want them, nor did my clients.

Had to go back and do a re-inspect on things the clients asked for. Sellers corrected everything I set out and more than the clients even mentioned. While there, I asked if they wanted to sell one of the TVs they had and that I would be interested buying it. They said no to selling it, but I could have it if I wanted it. Guess they liked my report…

Came home with a 42" Visio that’s probably 5 or 6 years old at no cost to me… :wink:


Lucky you Thomas! :grin:


Already set up in the bedroom and the wifey loving the Hallmark Channel in “big” view… :woozy_face:


A seller gave me a 1964 Wurlitzer Piano. I’m still playing it. :cowboy_hat_face:


Yours too??? My wife has to go to bed every night watching something on Hallmark if not the food network.:laughing:


That is super, Marc. :ok_hand:

I have to contend with that Hallmark channel in the bedroom as well. Can’t we just go to sleep?


Awesome, Bud!

Cool, Marc!

Some clients I done a small commercial inspection for were very happy with things, wrote the check for $300 more, and told me to take the family out for dinner! :smiley:


the wife and I have an agreement…she doesn’t put on the hallmark channel and I don’t shoot at the tv…works for us…


That’s awesome!

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That’s awesome.

I’ll tell you a funny story. Years ago I added up how much time I was wasting watching TV and so decided to throw out all my TVs. At the time, I determined that they were evil and that I wouldn’t wish them on anyone. I took the first TV out to the side of the road and put a sign on it: “Free, Take Me.” My neighbors all figured it was broken, but one came over and asked me what was wrong with it. I told him it was basically new, I barely watch TV, and that it worked. He grabbed it. I then did it again with the second TV. But by then, the first neighbor told the second neighbor that I put out a working TV and that he got it for free. So this time the second neighbor came over and got that one. I then did a few more chores and finally got to my third and last TV. It took it out to the street and my neighbors were all there, about 8 of them, waiting. LOL


Hallmark channel… Damn The 12 months of Christmas. :christmas_tree:


i hate to rain on the parade but…if ever you have a legal issue with your buyer it will look bad when the buyers attorney points out that you received a TV,(compensation), from the sellers. they will imply you at the least have a conflict of interest and at worst were influenced to overlook something or soften your report. lets hope the buyers like your report as much as the sellers. It appears to violate the Code of Ethics.

The InterNACHI® member shall not:

  1. have any disclosed or undisclosed conflict of interest with the client;
  2. accept or offer any disclosed or undisclosed commissions, rebates, profits, or other benefit from or to real estate agents, brokers, or any third parties having financial interest in the sale of the property; or

Bill, the buyers were present at the inspection and told the sellers they did want the TVs. The sellers didn’t want them either and nothing was mentioned or offered to me at the inspection. Both buyer and seller had the report prior to this. When I went back for the re-inspect, I offered to buy one knowing they didn’t want them and instead, they gave it to me. As I stated in my OP, the sellers went well beyond what the buyers requested so it wasn’t going to “influence” my re-inspect. So no rain here my friend and nothing violates ethics. :wink:


Hope you remembered to take the remote! :grinning:


Junior, I didn’t, but on the good side, I already had a Visio remote from a previous one I had.

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Worked out well! :grinning:

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Yes I would agree, violation of Code of Ethics. Just my opinion.

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