OCD can be hazardous to your home

IT guy?

All work should look like that. :cool:

Looks like it was the apprentice no electrician would take the time to do this .
It also looks like there could be some double neutrals in the same lugs .

That depends, where I work panels are expected to look like that. :smiley:

With two neutrals under the same screw ???

Obviously not. If you noticed I removed that part from your quote. :cool:

I am also calling out the bundling the wires together, the range wire is in the middle of all that.

I’d say the panel looks nicely done. I cannot determine if the neutrals are double lugged or not.
Roy, a journeyman should take pride in his work. Why would you say that it was an apprentice job? This is how I expect a journeyman to do his work.

I am seeing more and more panels like this.

There is an electrical contractor here in the mountains that when I see his sticker on a panel I almost don’t bother to take off the dead front. It is always the neatest most compliant installation you could find. All wires are at 90degree entry to the OCPD and bundle tied. I love when I see his work.

Most new installs around here are done as tidy as that one

Maybe another picture is needed, I’m with Roy, but I doubt the perpetrator was even an apprentice, my WAG would be IT or telephone tech. There is no way this panel would have passed inspection in the house and city it was in.

LOL well it was done neatly :wink: Not a big deal to fix

What are the violations that you can see in the photo?

Where are you seeing bundling?

I only saw pictures of a neat service like this.
Never saw one on our inspections .
Here are a few unusual things we have found .

Double tapped neutrals. I am no electrician, but I do know that you are not supposed to run a lot wires right next to each other in framing because they can get too hot, what I am seeing on the panel is every wire including a range wire tightly bundled on the either side of the panel (right side is in the picture), I will let the sparky who is going to straighten out the neutrals decide whether that is OK or not.

According to the NEC adjustments for bundling do not begin until after the cables are bundled together for more than 24" which is not readily apparent from the photo. Then there is also the exception in 310.15(A)(2) which can often make the point moot.