Odd Design

I’ve never seen anything like this before. Would you consider this doorway a problem/safety concern?




What is it?

Home was designed by the owner, a builder, and he had some interesting things going on in the home. This is an upstairs doorway into the guest suite with attic framing extending into the hallway. So as not to compromise the integrity of the framing by cutting it he drywalled around it. As you can see from the photos it is blocking some of the doorway.

Architects! Go figure :mrgreen:

Always trying to be the next Frank Lloyd Wright.

I would have nice impressions of my head in the hall. Funny, in trying to create something unusual they usually end up creating something trying.

Wow, talk about taking advantage of space.

Doorway opening sizes are quite varied.

26" x 82 3/4"
28" x 82 3/4"
30" x 82 3/4"
32" x 82 3/4"
34" x 82 3/4"
36" x 82 3/4"
38" x 82 3/4"

I would simply note that this particular door opening is awkward due to fininshed structural members within the top portion of the doorway.

Be careful!
If you don’t report on this the buyer may not notice it and hit their head, suing you for not reporting it! :wink:

Good builder! Can’t figure how to work around the structural support issues!
Can you tell us what these supports are holding up, that they can’t be modified?

Attic framing and the angle suggests roof

That is what I “assumed”, but why did he do that?

Walls added to finish the area would take care of the needed support.

Find out who he is and call him, If I see something funky I will always try to find the answer, just for myself of course.

Could angle the entrance into the bedroom. Put it at a 45 instead of a 90 degree angle. Miss the roof bracing.

Add interest instead of head knocks !