Odd sounding laundry sink

I heard an odd sound as I turned on the laundry sink.

Has anyone heard this before.

Looks like you have cold water on only? Other side didn’t do it?

Only the hot side was turned on.

Ok, thought maybe you had cold on, looking at the knobs. :slight_smile: Sounds like a loose seat washer. It’s a small round washer inside faucet handle pipe. Part of the stem/valve that closes the faucet to restrict water flow. Stem/valve will usually need replacement when this happens.


Anyone else have an urge now to go pee…?

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Sounds to me like it’s the anti siphon device screwed on to the faucet spout. Does it still happen with hot and cold water on? Run the hot separate and if you still have the noise you can rule out valve noise.

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That’s why I asked if other side was doing same! :slight_smile:

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You have plumber blood!

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I forgot to thank you guys.