Odd stuff on inspections

Did an inspection for a young couple (first home) this summer. Her parents came along to view the house and ask a few questions.

The parents had a bit of a bulky plastic bag with them…the house had a fireplace and they brought some firewood to start a fire and see if the fireplace had a good “draw”…Nah!!! Don’t think we’ll be starting any fires on my watch!

lololol never had that happen i was asked to join in on a prayer and sing a hymn ,(for the house) I declined politely saying you really do not want to hear me sing .

Had an agent follow me around for 3 hours, asking if I would be much longer; another agent from the same office said I was the most thorough inspector she had ever accompanied…go figure

Glad I never ran into that situation…I’m an atheist!!!

Epithet from an atheist’s gravestone:

“All dressed up and no where to go”

Well, it is the way it is here. I just Politely move on.
i tend to stray away from religion and politics on the job.